Five Reasons Why You Should Order via the Pick.A.Roo App

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You're probably doing grocery inventory right now because you're worried about the next quarantine update. This is after you realized that most of the items that you want to purchase are not available in any of the delivery apps which you've been using for so long.

Enter Pick.A.Roo. This is the newest lifestyle delivery app that should help us with all the lockdown woes. Their website describes the app as "essential lifestyle app.

I went ahead and tried it myself after it was mde available on Apple Store and Google Play on August 18th.

Here are the things that set it apart from the other delivery apps. 

1. Premium brands and products 

While we focus on the basics, there are certain cravings that we need to satisfy to survive the quarantine. We also need to look at the long-term convenience of being delivered sumptuous delights straight to your doorsteps from premium restaurants like CRU Steakhouse, Wolfgang's, and even Shangri-La at The Fort. Your go-to restos can now make your beloved food items available for devouring in your homes like Parmigiano, Mamma Mia, Persia Grill, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen and others. Scan the app and you'll be delighted with the list of premium brands available! 

2. Well-curated brands and products

The grocery listing is my favorite. They've carefully curated to useful categories like "fermented and preserved items", "fish and seafood", and the most exciting section of "ice creams." It would be hard to miss the items that you need with how organized they are! 

3. Amazing experience with personal shoppers

There will always be surprises, like items that are suddenly unavailable. Their personal shoppers are efficient in a way that they would message you and even present possible replacements. Needing that body wash with aloe vera but only the cucumber variant is available? Your personal shopper would gladly seek that confirmation from you. They're extraordinarily polite too! 

4. Flexible schedule and on-time delivery

One thing that I don't like about delivery apps is you will never know when your goods will be sent. You're probably in the 20th floor and preparing for a Zoom meeting when you get a call from your rider from the lobby of your condo that your order has arrived. That's, ahm, a panic moment, knowing that some residential towers are so strict with receiving items. 

With Pick.A.Roo, the schedule of delivery is flexible because you can choose between one-hour time frames from 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM to 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM. At least now, you can plan ahead. 

5. Access to membership shopping even without membership

The worry probably are lost or expired memberships with Landers and S&R. Pick.A.Roo is not going to punish you for that. There's a little fee to offset membership though but at least now, membership shopping is just a few taps away and you don't need to leave your home for that. 

Download Pick.A.Roo and start thinkering. It is a fun pandemic activity actually. Thank me later. 

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