The 'Stranger Things' Merchandise Appreciation Post

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It took me a little while to appreciate Stranger Things, to be honest. Ask me my favorite Netflix series and I won't mention this sci-fi thriller. With House of Cards over, it would be a toss up between The Crown and Madam Secretary as my favorites. 

You see, I am a lover of "real stories." I appreciate plots that are grounded and covered in reality. You can say that I am curious about politics and royalty and that level of curiosity isn't the same with sci-fi and anything that has to do with the supernatural. (Harry Potter is the only exception. Teehee!)

But friends were persistent. You can imagine the deluge of social media posts when the third season of Stranger Things was up on Netflix on July 4th. So, I have to go against my usual preference in entertainment and started streaming Stranger Things from its first season. 

Fast forward to what I love about it: nostalgic, its honest coming-of-age tone, great visuals, and an amazing central performance from Winona Ryder. I have to tell you though that I just completed Season 1 upon writing this so no spoilers. LOL! I think, however, that I will enjoy the ride up to Season 3. 

In the meantime, fans in the Philippines now have another way to celebrate this Stranger Things. Its official merchandise is now available in 11 branches of The Rail stores. All developed in the Philippines, the official merchandise are inspired by the series and its well-loved characters. Eleven, Dustin and the rest of the Hawkins gang are all nicely depicted in unisex t-shirts that are available for less than PHP1,000.00. 

Good to know that they have released some hoodies too. We can now wear Stranger Things in everyone's go-to clothing piece. They also have branded sweatshirts and sweatpants. 

I also have to say that it has been a "strange" weekend. Strange in a way that we have less blogging work engagements. This freedom is pretty unusual. So, what to do? Catch up on some Strangers Things on Netflix and model some Stranger Things merch. 

Here you go. 

Stranger Things
Stranger Things
Stranger Things Stranger Things Stranger Things Stranger Things

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