10 Things You Need To Know About The New Ride-Sharing App, HYPE

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For the past two years, I have been very dependent on TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Service) like Grab and Uber. I use ride sharing everyday, even up to six times if I have multiple events in a day. So, you can imagine how affected I was when Uber stopped its operations which allowed Grab to jack up its rates. 

I've noticed that Grab rates' have improved lately though. Starting April 16, 2018, I have observed Grab's pricing to be 20-30% cheaper. It could be due to the lifting of the per-minute surcharge as ordered by the LTFRB or Grab is improving its ways to prepare for upcoming competition. 

Good news! An all-Filipino platform, HYPE (formally HYPE Pilipinas), will start its operations on May 19, 2018. The app will be on beta test starting that day but the public can already download the app and can start booking. The grand launch is happening on May 27. 

Bloggers were very eager to go into the details of what HYPE can offer. Here's what we have gathered so far during our interview with the operators. 

1. HYPE promises a friendly rate. 

It will observe a 40 pesos flat rate plus 14 pesos per-kilometer charge. It will not have a per-minute extra cost. It will also adhere to LTFRB's ruling of a maximum of 2x surge rate on peak times when demand is high.

2. It isn't a hoax. In fact, it will start operations soon! 

Its license to operate has been approved by LTFRB on April 19, 2018. The app is available for download for both iOS and Android users starting May 19. You can start booking on the same day. The Grand Launch is on May 27 at the SMX Convention Center. 

3. Faster way to lodge complaints and reports

HYPE will have an in-app SOS button where you can enter your complaints, comments and reports. It will operate a Philippine-based customer service which will revert to your messages in as fast as less than a minute. Its customer service is also multi-platform: SMS, email, and in-app messaging. 

4. Drivers can see your destination but cancellations are capped

The app requirement of hiding the destination before the driver picks up the passenger is one of the reasons why I miss Uber. This prevents passenger shopping. 

Although HYPE promised that they will have stricter policies on driver cancellations and they won't be lenient in kicking out hard-headed drivers from their system. The hesitation from the riding public comes with the fact that drivers can still shop especially if the demand is high. When there are multiple requests around them during peak times, they will accept destinations more favorable for them. Let's see what Hype can do in the future to improve this. 

5. Rewards system for both drivers and app operator when commuters cancel

Most ride-sharing drivers are friendly and most of them are even professional so we, as commuters, have to treat them just the same. Tell your friends who have some behavioral issues in using ride-sharing apps that they will be charged PhP50 pesos every time they cancel after a driver has already been assigned to them.

The good thing is the cancellation fee will not go to HYPE entirely. This will be split to the driver and the app operator. So, adjust the attitude ladies and gentlemen. That 25 pesos driver share will go a long way to educate you further on ride-sharing etiquettes. 

6. Hype will go nationwide

Initial operation of Hype will be in Metro Manila only but their approved LTRFB accreditation is nationwide. They are planning to operate in key cities like Cebu and Davao in the coming months. Also, provincial commuters from near-Manila areas in Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna will be covered by the initial operations of Hype. 

7. More earnings cut for drivers

For those of you who are unaware of how TNVS operates, the app like Grab actually gets 20% of the earnings. The remaining amount will go to the registered operator of the accredited vehicle. The system on how much the vehicle owner (the operator) will get and how much the driver will take home is on a per-negotiation basis. 
For example, if you will pay 200 pesos for your ride, 40 pesos will go to Grab and 160 pesos will go the vehicle owner who could be the driver himself or another person. 

For Hype, the incentive is friendlier. App cut is somewhere between 5% to 20% and would be dependent on driver performance. If you keep on giving this driver high scores after using their service, he could get as high as 95% share! 

What this means for passengers is that more drivers will be encouraged to be part of HYPE which will hopefully balance supply and demand. Also, this would make most of them more conscious on the level of service that they will provide. 

8. Ratings and rewards- centric 

With number 7 being said, Hype will be focused on rewarding good drivers with monetary incentives. As mentioned, this will be good for commuters since customer service will be the main basis for rewards. My friends, my advice for you is to be generous in giving excellent marks to drivers who deserve it. 

9. Car pool will be available, multiple-drops to be studied 

If you like Uber Pool and Grab Share, Hype will have its own carpooling capability. Will they call it Hype Hype Hooray (ewww)? That remains to be seen but carpooling is a major product of this new company. 

They are also looking at implementing multiple drops. I am used to this because I have three officemates whose destinations are along my route from the office to my house. We often ride together and we split the fare among ourselves. Let's hope Hype will implement this. 

They will also offer 6-seater option! 

10. More payment options

If you can only pay using cash and credit card now, you'll get the options to pay via POS (point of sale) and QR codes too. If you are still not comfortable enrolling your credit card but tired of bringing cash with you, you can always swipe your debit cards in every ride or just scan QR codes away. 

I hope HYPE Pilipinas can deliver what they promised to the bloggers. What's important is, at least the commuting public will have another TNVS option. Let's ride the HYPE! 

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