0917's summer tees that are fit for the season's fun activities

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Lined up are long weekends and vacation leaves that are still waiting to be used. Your destinations have probably been booked so I no longer have to ask you where do you want to go. The question is, what else do you want to accomplish. 

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If I will have the luxury of time away from work, I'd love to read more. I just bought a Kazuo Ishiguro book 'Never Let Me Go' upon good recommendations from friends. I'm planning to read his 2009 hit next, 'Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall'. I am also planning to read Andre Aciman's 'Call Me By Your Name'. As expected, I got carried away after watching the movie. I think there will be more "feels" when I read the book. :) 

For a full-time job and a blogging stint that heavily relies on creativity, reading allows us to get the needed inspiration to imagine. I can only wish that we can all read all the time without affecting productivity. 

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Engage in healthy activities 

I recently enrolled in a spinning class. Not because it is the in thing but I am in the lookout for an exercise that will be fun to do. Straightforward gym-ing is not for me. I end up playing with my phone or not finishing the sets required. At spinning class, you are not allowed to bring your mobile phone inside the studio. With the environment of "riding together", you are forced (and partially pressured) to complete the 50 minutes of non-stop stationary biking, the ideal setup if you want to maximize your fitness activities. 

I am enjoying Ride Revolution in Greenbelt so far and I have also enrolled myself in Saddle Row so I can have variations of cycling and rowing. I am aware that these are basically calorie-burning exercises which aren't exactly what I need. However, I want to build more stamina so it will be easy for me to perform muscle-building exercises in the future. 

You don't have to spend that much to be healthy this summer. Perhaps you can wake up early every Sunday and Wednesday so you can have your early morning run around your village? 

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Blog more

Some of you may have noticed that this page is not as updated as it was. I used to finish 15 blog posts per month here. Now, I am lucky if I can post two new entries in a month. The corporate life has really eaten most of my time. I usually no longer have the bandwidth to write after office. 

I don't want to promise anything but I will try to publish as many as three new articles in a week. I will try my best to have fun, new contents every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Hmmm, I will try. :'/

Do you know what time is the best time to update my blog? My favorite blogging time slot is from midnight of Saturday to early morning of Sunday. I don't know. Things are much faster and the articles are more from the heart. (Naks!)

If writing and blogging do not interest you, take this opportunity to do more of the things you like; painting, songwriting, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, baking, cooking or any sports. You can not say "next time" all the time. Go for it! 

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Update your daily outfits

Because I am so focused on looking good and dressing appropriately at work, I end up not updating my casual and daily clothes. I am currently doing multiple location shoots in the province for work which made me realize that I no longer have much choices of comfortable t-shirts and shorts. My go-to casual outfits are just outdated. Soooo... see you at the mall. 

Speaking of clothes, 0917, Globe's lifestyle clothing line has released a new line of vibrant tees that are perfect for summer. I am wearing the yellow 'Hello Nine One Seven' shirt that everyone loves in the photos here. Meanwhile, Rodel Flordeliz of Nognog in the City is wearing the red shirt. 

You can check out the latest designs from 0917 on their Instagram page (click here!) and you can shop on their website (shop here!

Happy Summer, y'all! 

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