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I heard from a friend once that millennials should also be called 'Generation App'. Almost all segments of our lifestyle now involve apps. From navigating traffic (Waze), to commuting (Uber and Grab), checking what's for dinner (Food Panda), and measuring how many steps should you make today to set your self from guilt. We need not go any father than social media, to streaming and video-in-demand apps which eat up most of our phone's battery time and our productivity. 

Shopping is not any different. With GCash's growing partnership with Ayala Malls and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, more fashion brands are joining the bandwagon. Today, we have homegrown clothing giant Bench which will now have GCash terminals in all of its stores. Benchfix and the rest of its service-based shops can now scan to pay! 

Here's a little reminder of how GCash's Scan-to-Pay system works. You can download the GCash app. The app has a QR code reading capability. This allows you to just scan the code in the cashier area, enter the amount and wait for the text message. Text messages will be sent to you and the merchant. Once they received the SMS, you can consider the shopping done. 

Gcash and Bench
Gcash and Bench Gcash and Bench Gcash and Bench

My favorite part is the cashback. How cool is it to have your own SALE! Participating malls and merchants have their own cashback schemes. For Bench, specifically, it's 30% in every transaction. Buy a denim item for PhP1,500 through cash and you won't get anything extra. Scan to pay using GCash and you will get PhP450 back! Amazeballs, right? Please note though that promos will change from time to time so check you GCash app often for updates. 

Now, I use GCash even I get a haircut in Benchfix. My favorite part is buying a movie ticket and reserving the seat in advance, skipping the long queues. I also love eating in restaurants and just scanning QR codes to pay. My wishlist is for Grab and Uber rides to be part of the system. You'll never know. It seems like this payment system will continue to set trends! 

Credit and debits cards are so last decade. Your lifestyle will continue to change in the coming years but GCash is the smartest, most convenient, and most practical way to shop today. I-GCash mo na 'yan! 

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