The Slowdown (And the Refreshment) Before Christmas

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There's just too much pressure lately. Especially when I hear Christmas songs being played at the mall. I know that the sight of Christmas lights should change my mood but it doesn't. The idea of Christmas being just a few months from now serves as a reminder of a lot of things that must be done. 

Christmas campaigns at work, booking airline flights for the grand reunion at home, budgeting, getting ideas of where to shop gifts that would be different from the previous years, to imagining horrendous traffic wherever you go; Christmas is actually a responsibility rather than a holiday. 

Forgive me if I may sound too negative but I'd like to work on this one this year. I want to remove the stress. So I am planning early. 

Before I start checking my Christmas list, I'd like to spend one whole week for some peace and quiet. Here are a few things that I've learned on how to make the Christmas rush as less tiresome as it should be. 

Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy

1. Don't give promises just yet

I know that your godchildren, who received exciting gifts last year and several years before, maybe expecting another awesome present this year. But you may start setting expectations right. Be honest. You can start by telling them that their gifts may be less fancy or that it may arrive late. If the situation is too tight, you'd rather be straightforward and say that you'll tap out this year. 

You can consider practical gifts too. If they're in school, National Bookstore gift certificates are easy buy but really usable gifts. Or how about a discount card from Power Mac Center that they can use for their next gadget purchase. 

2. Do a check list! 

Everyone knows this already but only a few are doing it. A checklist can really do wonders because it gives you a picture of the things that you've completed and those that still need to be done. You can use your iPhone's calendar or a notepad that pops out automatically everytime you open your laptop. 

3. Start early

This is self explanatory. Who says you can only buy Christmas gifts in December. Prices of commodities are actually better when it's not shopping season yet. Also, the lines at the counter aren't that long yet! Outlet stores and bargain shops are all yours for now! 

4. Relax. Keep Calm and Get a Refreshment 

Whenever you're in panic, try to stare at nothing. Then a grab a drink; coffee or juice or water. My comfort drink is anything that's chocolate-based. 

Did you know that Vitasoy, the famous bottled soy drink from Hong Kong is now being distributed in three different variants here in the Philippines? This may be your new bestfriend. Vitasoy is made from real, high-quality, non-GMO soybeans to make sure you get only the best nutrition and that overdrinking it may not be harmful. It also has soy protein which is a rich source of all the essential amino acids needed for optimum nourishment. Attention here, gym-goers! 

Vitasoy comes in original, chocolate and coffee flavors which are available in convenient and easy-to-carry 330 ml bottles at PhP26 SRP in supermarkets and PhP30 in convenience stores. Just had mine and it will be a long journey for me and Vitasoy until December. 

Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy Vitasoy

These are all I can share. Feel free to comment below for your suggestions. Keep calm and let's all have a happy Christmas rush! 

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