New Clothing Brand, NOIX

8:44 PM

There is something about black and white shirts and hoodies. It's easy to put them on, not exerting too much effort on what to pair them with. They're also perfect for almost every casual event that they may end up to be the most used pieces in your closet. 

Now, our go-to fashion makes life even more convenient as a new brand make them easily avaiable online. NOIX, a homegrown clothing brand makes it online via its own website and via popular shopping platform Shopee. 

Noix Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Noix Noix

The basic tee are available in four colors and designs so far: white, black, maroon and camouflage. Our favorite hoodie is also available in neat colors of black and white. My personal favorite is the white hoodie (thus, my photos here). But you can never go wrong with black, can you? 

NOIX manifesto is to provide "cool, clean and comfy streetwear" for millenials out there. 

Where to shop? Check out their online stores in Shopee. They're official online store is! Shop away! 

Noix Noix Noix Noix Noix     

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