Go To Your Dream Destinations with Zero Halliburton

11:35 PM

So suddenly, the world becomes smaller. Your list of destinations five years ago may not necessarily be the same now. It's time for an update. 

And what perfect time to update my travel list now that global luggage brand Zero Halliburton is now here in the Philippines. Their new store in the Philippines just opened in S Maiason in Conrad Hotel, MOA.

Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton       
What's interesting is the Zero Halliburton brand flew to the moon already... literally. The iconic aluminum briefcase stored rock and soil samples from NASA's Apollo 11 lunar mission in 1969. Now that's history. That makes the brand not just world-class but universal. 

The brand isn't a common brand that you see in malls. Why? Its impressive built and aesthetic has evolved into a symbol of sophistication, top choice in cosmopolitan centers including Tokyo and New York. 

With Zero Halliburton in mind, let me re-update my list of dream destinations again. Tokyo remains to be top favorite and I don't mind going back. Since I have a fashionable luggage, maybe Seoul and then Paris and Milan? There are so many places to mention actually. So do me a favor and comment your own list below!

Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton Zero Halliburton

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