Those Coldplay Moments That Keep You Warm

12:29 AM

Depends on what you're going through in life, most Coldplay songs aren't really made to make us sad. The songs are perfect for crying maybe, but it would be the type of crying that makes you feel alive. 

Seriously, how can you not relate to a Coldplay song? Especially the popular "The Scientist" and/or "Fix You"? To quote a friend, they're the type of songs that would not just let you feel the pain of heartbreak. The songs also make you understand why sad things happen and lets it less difficult to accept and move on. 

Whether your attachment to Coldplay is deep or if you've just included their songs in you Sunday driving playlist, it's not the time to brush up on your lyrics. They're coming to Manila! And I'm making a little dry run of the "Coldplay feels" tonight. 

Globe Coldplay
Globe Coldplay

Good thing Spotify will help us! Together with @enjoyglobe, they've compiled a playlist called "Coldplay Favorites" on your favorite music-streaming app. How convenient?! 

So, dim the lights and let the music tripping begin. 

Globe Coldplay Globe Coldplay

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