Gabbi Garcia for Pantene and Preview Magazine

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Shampoos don't only become household brands because of the product. They make their way to homes through memorable campaigns, may it be with the catchy jingle or its very stunning ambassador. 

What if a feisty teen heroine from a faraway land called Adamya will talk to you about how to take care of your hair? You have to be used to it. Gabbi Garcia is the new face (and hair) of Pantene. Not only is she dropping her "brilyante ng tubig" for a chance to flaunt her long black hair in the Philippines. Her shampoo campaign is to be seen in as many as 10 Asian countries, crowning her as the first Filipina Southeast Asian ambassador for a top shampoo brand. 

Gabbi Garcia for Pantene and Preview
Gabbi Garcia for Pantene and Preview

Asking Gabbi questions about her latest achievements takes me back to how I met this once soft spoken girl 3 years ago. She was just starting in showbiz, earning her first TV role in primetime drama series "My Destiny" with Tom Rodriguez, Carla Abellana and long-time on-screen partner Ruru Madrid. 

Showbiz has given Gabbi the much needed confidence, now talking about issues and criticisms as self-assured as ever. "If you do not have a strong foundation when you entered showbiz, when you aren't strong enough, you can't really live the everyday showbiz life eh," says the 18-year old actress who is also part of the variety show "Sunday PinaSaya". 

Now, Gabbi has also bared some skin for a cover shoot of the prestigious Preview magazine. She appeared in a swimwear for the first time which she considers as "high fashion." "Di ko masasabi na todong todo na sexy na. It's wholesome pa din naman. It only shows that I am growing as an artist and I am growing as a person." She added that she in that segment of her career where she has passed the teeny-bopper label. 

Gabbi Garcia for Pantene and Preview Gabbi Garcia for Pantene and Preview

But with the rise of her solo engagements, fans are also talking about the future of that team-up that paved the way for her breakthrough career with Ruru Madrid -- GabRu. "We are still love team in Sunday PinaSaya. We are still visible to the audience and our fan base is still there," she clarifies but also admits that there are a lot of opportunities coming in as individual artists. "Ruru is endorsing a bank right now. I am endorsing a shampoo. But we are togethers sa Oppo, Bench and others. It's just (about) exploring." 

With the Pantene commercial and Preview magazine cover now around her waist, and with regular exposures in the top-rating fantaserye "Encantadia" and the noontime show "Sunday Pinasaya", Gabbi is all set to be one of Kapuso's main leading ladies. "Sino ba namang artista na magdi-dream ng ganito lang? Kung magdi-dream ka na, go up there na, diba? I've been dreaming to really get there. Hopefully, eventually, and with Artist Center's help... sana.

The future looks bright for our covergirl. And we certainly would want to see another Cinderella story with Gabbi Garcia, may it involve a power to control water like her Encantadia character Alena, or with just a flip of her long hair that is shot from the deserts of Australia. We're rooting for Gabbi to get more Gold. 

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