Chef Tony's Christmas Popcorns for the Naughty and Nice

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Unbelievable. I have never played Never Have I Ever in my entire life! LOL. So, it was a good excercise with the Chef Tony's team and my fellow bloggers to play the game. It made me realize the things that I'm doing right and what I need to improve on. Mushy, yeah? But if you want to know how you're treating the people around you, Never Have I Ever is a fun way to evaluate yourself. 

These and many more realizations over two new Chef Tony's popcorn flavors? LOL. Why not? 

Chef Tony's Chef Tony's         

Your favorite brand is introducing two new flavors which are very timely for the holidays. If you think you've been naughty for the past year, take the Black Forest Chocolate. If you think you've done more good deeds than cause people trouble, you deserve the Blueberry White Chocolate. Either way actually, you will blessed as both flavors are sooooo good. 

But if I have to choose one, I'd go for the Blueberry White Chocolate. Its fruity aroma is just heavenly. I just treat popcorns as something to complete watching a movie inside the cinema. I never really treated it as something you'll crave for or something you would want to eat on a sad day. Blueberry White Chocolate's not so sweet, not so salty flavor is just perfect. 

Chef Tony's Chef Tony's 

Going back to our Never Have I Ever Game, it turned out that all four of us, the blogger who have been invited to this fun exercise, had done more naughty stuff than being nice. It was unanimous. LOL! But still, Chef Tony's gave us some Christmas presents. 

Hop on to the fun! Here's our video: 

For more fun stuff about Chef Tony's, check out their Facebook page here

Also, for list of inline Chef Tony stores where you can buy the new Christmas flavors, here's a complete list

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