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You know how it is when a new smartphone model comes out in the market. You want to get it. You wanna hold it the soonest you can. You wanna try its new features. This may seemingly be all self-gratification but hey, you deserve whatever your hard-earned money can buy. 

Globe agrees to this. But they also agree that you can do more. 

Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7

Do you know that with every postpaid sign-up or re-contract with an iPhone 7 plan, you can contribute to better education, support for micro-entrepreneurs and reforestation with the Globe of Good Bundle? A portion of your monthy payment will be given to select partner causes: KIVA, an online crowdsourcing platform to support micro-enterprises; the Global Filipino Schools program that brings 21st century learning in public schools through ICT; and the Hineleban Foundation for the rehabilitation of forests in Northern and Centra Mindanao. 

It was coincidence that my 24-month contract with Globe is just a month shy from expiration when the iPhone 7 was released. I fell in love with the jet black instantly. I also wanted a bigger memory for blogging. My gold iPhone 6 Plus could no longer handle all the requirements so an upgrade was necessary. In short, I re-contracted. 

Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7

From here on, looking at my monthly bill would not be as sad as it was. Cliche as it may seem but at least I'm paying for something worthwhile. Globe of Good is good! 

Globe iPhone 7 Globe iPhone 7

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