Ride Along Motorcycle Tours from Manila to Zambales

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It was a different kind of road trip. For the first time, I travelled for more than 50 kilometers only on two wheels. From Manila to Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso town, Zambales, I rode a big bike! Groundbreaking. 

I have two major issues about motorcycles. First, it's safety. Second, I don't even know how to ride a bicycle. How much more a motorcycle. But Travel Concierge, the company who has introduced the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours, has also hired the best motorcycle drivers to assure your safety and to take care the hassles of driving for you. 

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours is the first operator in the unchartered adventure holiday category. That means that when you are bored taking car, van or bus rides from Manila to Baguio for example, you can hop on big bikes for a more adventurous trip. Now that's literally, "hitting the road". 

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Ride Along Motorcycle Tours

If you can already trust your life to your motorcycling skills, the bikes are also available for rental. They have some of the best brands, from Harly Davidson to Japanese big brands Honda and Kawasaki. These big toys would surely be a treat for the geeks. 

Because traffic is bad in Manila and you won't really appreciate the rush while on a motorcycle, you have the option to take a van from your pick-up point to NLEX. That's what we did. After taking our breakfast in Cafe France along a gas station in NLEX, that's where we boarded the big bikes. 

After 3 hours, we safely arrived in Crystal Beach Resort with one stop at the SBMA gate. It was our choice to only have one stop Maybe because we were so into the ride. But in this age of social media, the drivers understand the requirement of stopping in the middle of the road for those excellent shots. No need to be shy. Our very friendly drivers are happy to indulge.

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Ride Along Motorcycle Tours

To give you a first-hand feel of how our little adventure went, here's a VLOG

You are not probably interested which destination in Luzon are available for the motorcycle tours. Their current packages include breakfast ride to Tagaytay, heritage tour to Taal, day trip to Laiya in Batangas, 2 days and 1 night travel to Baguio and Baler. There are also tour packages for Naga in CamSur, and 100 Islands in Pangasinan. You can also meet with the team to discuss your own planned ride. You can check out more details on their website www.travelconcierge.com

Have fun on your big bike tour! :) 

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