Griffin's Biscuits are here in PH!

7:12 PM

When I'm on the go and I feel like I have to eat something, one pack of peanut butter biscuits and we're all good. Presto's Peanut Butter cookies (Yup! the one with the green packaging) has been my default comfort hunger-breaker since college. 

Well, I found another great choice this weekend when I woke up late but have to rush to Manila Ocean Park (to play Pokemon Go). There are the three variants of Griffin's Biscuits, Toffee Delights, Chit Chat and Squiggles, beautifully arranged in one corner of Ministop. I grabbed one of each and finished one pack of Chit Chat even before I caught my first Poliwag. And yes, it tastes really good. 

Griffin's Griffin's

I soon learned that Griffin's Biscuits is a leading food processing company in New Zealand. They are now here in the Philippines. Thanks to Universal Robina Corporation or the URC. Even if it is being distributed overseas, it is said that that the biscuits are still baked with real New Zealand Milk Chocolate. Thus, the premium taste. 

There! I found you another supermarket discovery. :) 

BTW, I am so glad to have moved to level 22 in Pokemon Go. I also completed the grueling 400 Magikarp candy collection and evolved my own Gyarados today. haha! These are milestones worth the goodness of the caramel and chocolate-coated biscuits! Yeah! (LOL). 


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