T.O.P Shoot Behind-The-Scenes with a Latte Fix from Kopiko

2:42 AM

How do you make it through a long day? Take lots of sleep before facing the tasks, unlimited snacks, or coffee, coffee and more coffee. If you are to ask me, I'll take all of the above. Boybands may have the same coping mechanisms. 

But this isn't just any long day. It's a shoot on a non-working day, Sunday, involving several factors like creativity. And with a few hands on deck and several layouts needed, it is a test of stamina.

The task is to come up with a solid style blog post featuring the boys of T.O.P (Top One Project) on the website of men's wear blogger Mikyle Quizon. It's one of the promotional efforts before the band's first major concert on October 28 at the Music Museum. Miko Manguba, Joshua Jacobe, Louie Pedroso, Mico Cruz, and Adrian Pascual are ready to show their fans what they're really made of - musicality, talents and looks altogether - in a major concert a year before they won the reality boyband show mounted by GMA 7. 

Kopiko - Top One 10:00 AM - Adrian Pascual of T.O.P does make-up

Kopiko - Top One 11:00 AM - Joshua Jacobe faces the camera first 

Kopiko - Top One 11:30 AM - Lead singer Miko Manguba took his turn to pose 

Kopiko - Top One      12:30 NN - Louie Pedroso's shoot was probably the fastest of all five boys 

Kopiko - Top One
1 PM - Mico Cruz's shoot was also a quick one 

The job? To bring hype to the concert by adding more curiosity to who the boys are and by widening their reach to another type of audience who may not have heard about them yet. Sounds a lot. Overreacting or not, I'm glad we had a little help from Kopiko 78-C bottled coffee latte. 

I was told by a friend how she loves Kopiko. But it was an absolute turn off when she told me that it's bottled. It means it's cold and I don't like the idea of a cold coffee. I mean, I very seldom take a frap from Starbucks. Coffee for me has to be piping hot so it can serve its purpose of waking you up. But I gave in anyway and tried it. 

Kopiko 78-C got its name from its brewing temperature which is 78 degree centigrade/ Celsius. The temperature brings out the full flavor of the beans alongside the caffeine content. I learned that the coffee is then mixed with milk to tone down its potency and add smoothness to the mixture. It has its bitter taste at first, especially when not refrigerated well and shaken before consumption, but it should be just about right for those who love real coffee.

 Kopiko - Top One 

Kopiko - Top One 2:00 PM - And we are halfway through! 

Kopiko - Top One 

Kopiko - Top One 3:00 AM - May I just add that aside from coffee, what made us survive the long day is the boys' super professional attitude. Not a single complain. :) 

Kopiko - Top One

So, did Kopiko help? I can compare it to an energy drink with obvious effects of extending your energy for a little while. But what I enjoyed most is the taste. It tastes really good! It's a 50-50 shared taste between coffee and milk for me and God knows how I like both! 

As for our shoot, we have to wait for the final layouts on Style Division but for now, I will give you some behind the scenes. These are proofs that, yup!, we survived the day. :) 

Kopiko - Top One

Kopiko - Top One 5:00PM - And it's a wrap. Don't forget to not drink Kopiko Coffee Latte with an empty stomach. 

Kopiko - Top One

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