Blogging Secrets Spilled Over with Mountain Dew

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There was one question sent to our Facebook page by a reader who wants to make it to "professional" blogging. I did not understood exactly what he meant at first. Then he shared that he has started blogging for a few months and he's wondering how to be invited to events and partner with brands. 

I thought of two things instantly. First, a "few" months is too early to be invited by brands (except if you are a celebrity turned blogger), and second, I don't have specific answers to his question. I can't even trace how I got here! LOL! 

I've been blogging for almost eight years total but it has only been in the last three years that I am collaborating with brands. It took me that long before I turned this little passion into an activity where I can actually get something back, may it be monetary or ex-deal. 

Mountain Dea Mountain Dea Mountain Dea Mountain Dea   

It all started really by getting a considerable number of readers, considerable enough to make advertising agencies notice the page that we later on got invited in their product launches, hotel staycation trials, product samplings, etc. But looking back to realize what it is on the things that I've been doing which earned brands' trust, I would always say that it's content. 

Sure we have slack off days, weeks even. But I am proud to say that while my readership isn't exactly reaching millions, I always push for quality and original content. No matter how long the requirements are. No matter how tiring it can be. I've always believed that brands tap blogs not really to amplify their messages to more followers. They have their own well-budgeted Facebook and Instagram pages! What they need is precious testimonial from a product user which they can share to their own legion of fans and followers. 

Fast forward to eight years later, the concern in each and every article is still to deliver the message in the most unique way possible. That includes being updated with the current trends and the current styles and promising yourself that you will never ever imitate what's out there. Every day is a perfect day for a spin-off! 

Mountain Dea Mountain Dea Mountain Dea

I don't want this to appear really lecture-ish. Besides, I don't think I have the authority to do so. Blame it to travelling solo and the random thoughts that go with it. Like this one great weekend where we discovered a product that continues to reinvent itself. 

There's no stating the obvious. You can just check out the photos. But how about you? How are you continuously re-inventing and making yourself original at work and at your current hobby? 

Mountain Dea
Reinvention. Mountain Dew is in the Philippines for more than 6 decades. Although, it remains as one of the top choices in soda beverages in the country, the brand continues to please the market with new variants; the Live Wire (Orange) and the Blue Shock. Personally, I'd still prefer the original green mixture but the Live Wire isn't a far second choice. :) 

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