What I Ate in Redd at Prism Plaza

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What's there to talk about Sisig? 

Why is it preferred by beer drinkers? Or how it has evolved to very different versions in years: Chicharon, crispy pork, chicken liver, lechon kawali and even crocodile sisig. 

Then there's the Bangus Sisig. 

I can't say that it is an entirely fresh idea nor it is the least expected variation of Sisig. But while watching the beautiful Manila sunset in Prism Plaza, in Two E-Com at the Mall of Asia Complex, I realized something. That it was the first time that I have ever eaten a Bangus Sisig in my life. Insert #LOLMoment. :p 

Redd restaurant (Yup! Two D's right there, love!) came up with a very interesting lineup of sisig on their menu. We are talking about Sisig a la Kanto (back to basics, barest but delicious form of sisig), Sisig Longaniza de Cagayan, Sisig Corned Beef and the best-selling Sisig a la Bangus con Chicharon, allowing us to enjoy the play in texture of the soft Bangus meat and the crunchy chicharon. 

Moving on from that random realization of eating a Bangus sisig for the very first time, I've told myself for the hundredth moment that I am really a lover of Filipino food. It was such a great afternoon for me and my tummy, that apart from enjoying my first fish sisig, I found a lot of other interesting dishes on the menu. My unexpected favorite is the Sinuglaw, a term derived from two Cebuano terms and manners of cooking. These are Sinugba or to grill and Kinilaw which means to cook by soaking in vinegar or citric acid. Excuse me if I could not explain exactly how it tastes like but it's just yum!

Redd Restaurant

Redd Restaurant Short Ribs Kansi 

Redd Restaurant Chicken Pork Adobo

Redd Restaurant

Redd Restaurant

Redd Restaurant The Kare-Kare Trio 

Redd Restaurant
Redd also served a sumptuous take to the popular Crispy Pata, their own version of Short Rib Kansi, an original take on our most loved soup dish with the Roasted Chicken Pochero, and the most delicious Chicken Pork Adobo of them all. Other popular hit also served better are Pork Binagoongan, Sinampalukang Manok na Inasal, and another something that you could taste for the first time, the Spaghetti Tinapa sa Aligue

Don't salivate yet. We are not even talking about desserts yet. 

The Turon Overload is a fancy upgrade of our traditional afternoon snack. One bite now, gone later. Their Leche Flan is also a delight. But the center of attention is the Halu-Halo and Friends. Even the name is designed to grab attention. The very Filipino Halo-halo is jampacked with all the fruits you've wanted. It is partnered then with the "friends", the Mais con Yelo and the Sago't Gulaman

I have a feeling that the Mall of Asia Complex will become the another Kapitolyo or Maginhawa if we talk about awesome food choices. If that won't happen the soonest, there is always Redd. 

P.S, Did I mention that they have the awesome seats to the stunning Manila Bay sunset? Just wanted to make sure. See you there! :) 

Redd Restaurant

Redd Restaurant

Redd Restaurant Juana Fries - Potato fries served with chili con carne, cheddar cream and salsa 

Redd Restaurant Gising-gising

Redd Restaurant The Beef Kaldereta

Redd Restaurant Samalamig with a dose of rum

Redd Restaurant

Redd Restaurant Turon Overload - turon with cheese, sago and cinnamon, served with vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche sauce 

Redd Restaurant

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