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What does it mean to travel abroad and stay in as many as five accommodations in 10 days? That you could not totally unpack everything from your luggage and then expect to get the same neat arrangement when you need to transfer to another place. That you cannot put your stuff where they should be (e.g. toiletries carefully arranged in your bathroom, or cellphone chargers in baskets near sockets) because the checkout process happens more than once, and then you might leave something very important behind. 

I love lining up shoes near the door so I could easily pick which to use. Who doesn't want to have a home away from home? But when you are hotel-hopping, this isn't exactly a good idea. 

During my recent birthday trip to Bangkok, I literally made my luggage my cabinet. How? By getting these awesome travel cases from Mitchell x Mikhel

The whole set is composed of five pouches in different colors and sizes for easy identification. The biggest one is colored gray which measures 21 x 16 inches in length and width and could be stuffed with items up to 4 inches thick. It's ideal in the sense that it can fit in most standard-sized, wheeled luggage neatly. It's perfect for pressed clothes like long-sleeves, polo shirts, pants and jeans. It can accommodate your winter jackets too. 

The second biggest case is colored black which measures 15 x 10 inches and is also 4 inches thick. It has openings for air circulation which would be nice for clothing pieces that you once wore and would be worn again. It's also perfect for items with light materials like beach shorts, boxer shorts, sleeveless tops and white shirts. Personally, I reserved this space for sleeping clothes and those that don't require pressing. 

Bangkok - Bags   No need for unpacking. These five cases from Mitchell x Mikhel will help you travel stress-free by organizing your stuff especially if you will be transferring from one accommodation to another. It's basically improvising compartments inside your huge luggage to keep things neat. 

Bangkok - Bags Bangkok - Bags

There's also the red case (11.5 inches long, 8 inches wide and 4 inches thick) which I assigned to hold my undergarments and socks. For luggage with no extra pocket, you can put your folder of documents here. Get a hard-covered planner and insert your hotel and flight ITs and slip your passport in a hard case. This pouch can keep all of them. If you have maps, prayer booklets, or pictures of the very special people in your life, you can also put them all here. 

Then there's the white case (7 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches thick) which is actually ideal for the ladies' underwear. I know how much you love intimate stuff to be packaged in white items for a cleaner feel. For me though, I used this pouch for electronic stuff; laptop, camera and mobile phone chargers. Since I traveled alone, I kept my selfie stick here too. 

The last one is the bigger blue case (8 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4 inches thick) which also has small openings. You could put your toiletries here. But since I have a separate set of toiletries already packed for those last minute out-of-town trips, I reserved this space for my medication. You know, some vitamins to keep me going, and fever and flu pills just in case. 

What I did every after check-in is put my luggage in a lying position in one corner and arrange the cases beside each other. It's basically similar to what they do in cooking shows on TV with each ingredient neatly arranged in plates, bowls and saucers. Through that, you can easily get the things that you need without unpacking. I also brought a separate body bag for my laptop and camera which I can easily grab everytime I go out of the hotel to sight-see. 

Travelling can be stressful. Organizing your stuff is removing half the stress. You might wanna consider this suggestion! 

You can check out more travel basics from Mitchell x Mikhel on Instagram (Click here). Viber 0917 806 1529 for orders. Safe travels! 

Bangkok - Bags

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