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In July 2014, papermag.com enumerated the celebrities who are into poetry. The list included Twilight star Kristen Stewart, James Franco, Charlie Sheen, Russel Crowe, and quite surprisingly, Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson. We don't have the same list for Philippine actors (or maybe we just missed it). At least, however, we are gonna start naming one today. 

It's no surprise that Literature-graduate Benjamin Alves loves poetry. And this news isn't news to most of you who are into local show business. In fact, the flare that Ben showed in his Indie films, Cinemalaya's "Sana Dati" and Quezon City International Film Festival's "Gayuma", can be attributed to his love for the arts, and to poetry specifically. 

For his birthday celebration this year with his mother studio GMA 7, he wanted to share his love affair with words with the students of Asia Pacific College. He judged a poetry competition with the students as participants and he also held a mini poetry talk after. 

Benjamin Alves Benjamin Alves Benjamin Alves

The highlight, however, is him delivering his own poem. We tweeted Ben to check if we can publish here his work and he later responded that it would be published very soon. Looks like we all have to wait for that. For now, we are posting one of his poems which he wrote for Valentine's Day two months ago. :) 

For Now

Today has left you a question
the who, the why, the how
the pain: perhaps a lesson
alone: perhaps for now

Afraid I have no answer
a cure to solve depression
if love is all you're after, 
can I make a suggestion? 

He may not be the piece
to what you need made whole
"love" like this, is just on lease
you are your own beautiful 

You need not be afraid
for him to find your course
if love is true, for you he's made
his heart was always yours. 

Be still my worried angel
smile, at lovers walking by
time will come when all this wait will, 
a memory to say goodbye

He will hold you like poetry
like words seek definition
your hear, God sent a bounty
and picked him for collection. 

And if failure is to forever
as rain is to the clouds, 
fear not my peanut butter
he will love you for all the now's. 

-Benjamin Alves 

Now, who is excited for the new poem? We promise to post it here once its out.  :) 

Benjamin Alves Benjamin Alves Benjamin Alves

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