The Stones Hotel in Bali

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It's around one o'clock in the afternoon and I thought I would be enjoying the pool to myself. But I guess we all have to cancel siesta time altogether in Bali. Under the scorching sun, there goes everyone enjoying their drinks and slightly giving in to the music. The Stones Hotel's pool area provides a fitting prelude to the fun that is set to become bigger by sundown. 

I've never heard so many languages spoken in one pool area. There's French, German, Spanish, Korean, English of course, and all the rest that I couldn't recognize. Everyone seems friendly. Everyone seems to be just waiting for your "Hello". 

While pretending to be asleep with my sunglasses on and people-watching, I was thinking what these people were expecting when they flew miles and miles from different parts of the world to Bali in Indonesia. The best vacation probably for most of them or the best surfing experience. The best clubbing spree while binging on cheap beers and maybe meet someone special while on your way to hangover. What have we learned about vacationing and travelling? That they provide the perfect mood for love affairs. 

The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali       
It's easy to be discreet but you would know that each is checking another. I had this for about 20 minutes until I devoured my burger and fries and then submerging myself into the water. If you couldn't find anyone interesting, it isn't a waste of time. The outdoor area in The Stones Hotel is just stunning and lounging around should be one of the best parts of your trip. 

It is with no surprise that The Stones has a magnificent facility. After all it is part of the Marriott Group and their so-called Autograph Collection. This line of hotels are products of partnerships the Marriott Group made with existing hotels that are built and re-built to cater to adventurous but sophisticated individuals who resist to follow hotel brands. They want something totally different from the rest, with gorgeous interiors and trendsetting facilities. Today, The Stones is one of almost 80 hotels under the Autograph Collection. 

The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali The Stones- Bali

Is it expensive? No really for those who are looking for something exquisite and fun. You can book a room for as low as PhP10,000. For the list of accommodation types, you can visit their website here - You have to try the Premium Pool Room, which has the poolside view and your own (very awesome) outdoor whirlpool. 

Thanks to the awesome people of Agoda Philippines for informing us about The Stones Hotel and of course for the huge discounts. You can start shopping for the best hotels with the best prices here -! See you in Bali, no matter what your expectations are. 

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