On The Road With The Oppo F1: The Selfie Expert

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Warning! Selfie overload ahead. So, proceed with caution. LOL! 

Sure, travelling solo can be very liberating but capturing what could be your best souvenir - a good photo - can be a challenge. You can always ask other tourists or locals to take your photos but it would be too much to request for more after one or two snaps. The best solution? Selfies.

If we are connected on social media, I am not the biggest selfie fan. I don't like smiling poses. I prefer the candid shots, or at least the ones that pretend to be candid. Selfies aren't just in my creative preference. Even with that said, I tried to have a love affair with selfie on my recent trip to Bangkok. Thank God I had the best selfie tool with me!

Oppo F1 Selfie Made it through the Chao Praya River boat with no hassle because I chose to re-visit Wat Pho on a Tuesday. I got a seat because it wasn't too crowded, which gave me the perfect opportunity for our first selfie. I honestly didn't use the phone's beautify feature here yet but the VSCO C8 filter did me a favor. 

Oppo F1 Selfie  Removed my shades and the beautify feature now in full effect. LOL! I used the C8 filter on VSCO again for consistency. For those interested, you can reach Wat Po or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha by taking the BTS or the Sky Train from Siam Station to Saphan Taksin station via the Silom Line (25 THB) and transferring to the river boat right under the BTS Saphan Taksin station to the Tha Tien Pier (45 THB). That's 70 THB only compared to about THB if you take the taxi from the Siam Paragon area. 

Oppo F1 Selfie    Loving the beautify feature so I took another shot. haha! This photo was taken inside the Shrine itself. A ticket for admission costs 100 THB per person. 

Oppo F1 Selfie     The viewing area of the temple is quite small and it would be a challenge to take photos even if you have someone who will take it for you. Selfie sticks, which would make you very disrespectful of this religious area, also cannot guarantee a good shot. So I have to improvise and take the picture from a low position, which means it would have been dark. For some reasons, the Oppo F1 did some magic. I pressed on the center focus and it gave me this more than enough light. 

Oppo F1 Selfie  Still inside the shrine using one of Oppo F1's filters. 

Oppo F1 Selfie  The Oppo F1 has pre-programmed filters which would allow you to see the effect even before taking the photo. My favoritet filters are Fresh and Tokyo. 

Oppo F1 Selfie
From the temple, I took the same route back and was caught up by the evening rush hour. Traffic in Bangkok is bad, comparable to Manila so taking the train is an excellent idea. Check out the Oppo F1's night mode though. It looks like it was still morning! This phone is perfect for less ideal lighting situations. 

Oppo has named its latest phone, the F1, the "selfie expert". Why? It boasts a powerhouse 8-megapixel front camera with a wide aperture lens of f2.0 and a sensor size of 1.4 inches. This allows more light to enter the camera so you can take a great selfie even in less ideal lighting conditions. 

There's also the Beautify 3.0 feature, which does not only lightens up your skin, but also seamlessly removes the (ah-hum) blemishes. There are three different beautification modes and a list of pre-programmed filters so you will know how the photos would look like even before taking them. For low light, there's also the perfect screen flash. It converts the entire camera's display into flash that can be adjusted to make the brightness natural. 

What I also like about the F1 is it's size, specifically it's paper-like thinness. It's just perfect for travel when you could be bringing other gadgets like a camera or another phone. The Oppo F1 is 143.55 mm x 71mm wide and it is 7.25 mm thin. It is as thin as an iPhone! It is also ultra light, weighing 143 grams. 

Aside from the super selfie-capable 8-megapixel front camera, the rear camera is also sharp with 13 mp. It is capable of time-lapse and creating instant GIF images. It can also capture HD videos of up to 1280p. Yup! Very dependable for travel documentation purposes. You can check out the rest of the OPPO specs here - The OPPO F1

Excuse me for the selfie gallery. But at least now you have an idea of what to bring to your next solo travel. Happy trip and happy selfie! :) 

P.S. More of our recent Bangkok trip on the next blogs!

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