Best Moments From The Madonna Rebel Heart Concert

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Madonna rose to popularity at age 24. Thirty four years since she became a global icon, the Philippines never saw her in the flesh, not even once. Until earlier tonight when telecom giant Globe and MMI LIVE, one of the country's biggest concert organizers, brought the Queen of Pop to the country. 

What else could be said here other than the show was super FANTASTIC?! *Yeah!*

Globe set up a lounge for its Platinum customers with overflowing cocktails, finger food, chit chats and of course, Madonna music. These lucky guests were already given huge ticket discounts if I may add. The biggest music fans now know which postpaid to sign up for to get the best concert deals. Well, you can also be a blogger so you can squeeze yourself in, which was exactly what I did. Kidding. LOL! 

Globe also gave away tickets to lucky prepaid and postpaid subscribers through a series of SMS and social media contests. I also gave away two tickets to some of my super-loved followers on Instagram (@mjdeleonblogs). Two extremely Globe customers were also whisked away to Los Angeles for the Queen's concert late last year which was all expense paid. The prize included a backstage meet and greet with the Queen herself so you could imagine how exciting that was! 

Madonna in Manila Madonna in Manila Madonna in Manila Madonna in Manila

For MMI Live, who is also the same behind One Direction and J.LO's concerts in the Philippines, Madonna could very well be their biggest production. Originally scheduled for one night, ticket demands skyrocketed that they have to book a second show. 

What's next for MMI Live? Five Second of Summer is schedule to perform also at the MOA Arena on March 12th and Andrea Bocelli on April 26th. Go to for more of the upcoming concerts.  

Now back to Rebel Heart. My favorite portions of the concert are so many that I compiled a video to show them all to you in full color! Watch below! 

Madonna in Manila
With Globe Tattoo ambassador Bianca Gonzales. Of course, she has access to the Platinum Lounge

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