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I was originally scheduled to fly for Bohol on February 4th at 8 in the morning. The flight was Thursday but my brains was telling me that I am taking a Friday trip. It was almost noon when I felt weird and got the urge to open my email to check my IT. 

During that the same moment when I was about to beat myself, my flight mates may have already been taking selfies in Chocolate Hills. It was for the fourth consecutive weekend that I am flying to the Visayas for the blog and other writing assignments and I got confused. The lesson: you can't trust your memory too much. You have to write down your schedule in a planner or on your phone's calendar at least. 

Anyway, it was too late to cry so I called the very kind people of Eskaya Resort. I requested for a new date and thankfully they allowed me to get Monday for no extra fees. I won the Eskaya stay in one of my blogging events and they were too nice to not forfeit my prize. I was left with no choice but to purchase another flight to Tagbilaran and re-book the flight going back. But now, what to do for the long weekend? 

Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery
Sandbox Archery       
A weekend earlier, several bloggers were invited to attend the launch of Aqtiv Archery in Sandbox in Porac, Pampanga. I have to beg off since I am leaving for Boracay that weekend. Since my Bohol trip was rescheduled, I tried if I can instead check out the new archery attraction for the weekend. After they ditched me a few moments earlier, the stars aligned to give me special passes to Sandbox even with such short notice. The rest is history as how they say it. 

The new archery facility, which is inside amusement outdoor park Sandbox is an extension of the archery range opened last year. Aqtiv Archery is actually a challenge course with moving targets scattered in a maze. The goal is for the archer to hit around 8 moving face targets in less than two minutes. It may sound easy but the whole obstacle entails running and fixing your bow and arrow before you can aim. 

The rate is PhP250 per attempt per person but guests may also avail of the Archery Package at PhP400 which includes a 30-minute sessions for target archery. For now, only one person can be accommodate in the arena but groups competition can be done by ranking scores.

Sandbox is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 9AM to 5PM. For reservations, you can visit or like them on Facebook

One last reminder, only kids 7 years old and above are allowed to play. With that, here's a photo gallery of our Sandbox experience. 

Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery Sandbox Archery

To excite you further, here's a video. Forgive the amateur mixing. :/ 

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