Orion Hotel in Tutuban Center

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Plan ahead, list down all the stuff you need, schedule everything, stick to your budget and so on. There are a lot of ways to beat the Christmas rush but as we wrap the Holidays, did it really go smoothly for you? 

The excitement always get in the way and the term stress-free doesn't seem to exist especially if we shop in busy areas like the Tutuban Center. But if the day is already too much, there is always Orion Hotel. :)

That was how I survived the Christmas rush. By shopping late at night and by checking-in at the nearby Orion Hotel so I don't need to hurry while searching for the right gifts. 

Tutuban Center is known for its value-for-money finds. This is also the same reason why the place isn't exactly luxurious. However, when I stepped inside Orion Hotel, I got more than what I expected.

Untitled This place may seem gentle at first look but in the middle of all the bargaining, this may be too much to take in for some. But if you are willing to go the extra mile to make kids happy with beautiful but affordable toys, you found the perfect spot. (Photo by the Shutterbug Mom)

Untitled Somewhere here is where you can put your shopping bags down without worrying if you still have a cab to ride home. You can take your time to get the best stuff and haggle because you actually have a good place to stay for the night. :) (Photo by Panoramio)

An amazing PhP500 spent for all of these including the Christmas lights! I also got the perfect place for this flat lay. Super! :) (Follow me, @mjdeleonblogs on Instagram)

First of all, Orion is not a motel. It's a hotel composed of 41 rooms classified as Standard, Superior and Deluxe. For those looking for an upgrade, they can offer you a Junior Suite which is 34 square meters big and equipped with a queen size bed. In all the rooms, cable TV, wi-fi connection, and hot and cold shower are available. 

With the sanitation, I would say Orion Hotel also exceeded my expectations. Being inside the Tutuban Shopping Center building, you would expect the keeping the hotel clean would be a challenge. The hallway and lobby area might not be impressive but they put neatness to where it matters - the rooms. :) 

For more details and for booking, you can go to their website here - www.orionhotel.com.ph. 

Now you know that the next time you need to go to Tutuban, you don't need to panic. You have a place to stay. Happy New Year everyone! :) 

Untitled Untitled Untitled
Me and my friends who all got an awesome sleep in Orion Hotel. :)

'Till the next Holidays everyone! :) 

Orion Hotel is located at the 3rd Floor Prime Block Building, Tutuban Center, CM Rector Avenue, Manila, Philippines. You can call them at (632) 450 3007 to 3009 for reservations. You can also book a room here - Orion Hotel Reservations

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