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We know that you want to be a superhero. That in the middle of one promotion and the next, you still feel like you need more. But there has to be a downtime. If that's impossible, make one. And you don't need to go out of Ortigas for that. There's always Crowne Plaza. 

My downtime for the holiday season was... looonggg. I had no freelance tasks for 14 days! Except for blogging, I had nothing to do in two weeks?! 

So, I survived Christmas by booking a last minute trip to Baguio. (READ: Starbucks and Snow, To Baguio With the Globe Gcash Beep MasterCard). And then the New Year came. 

I planned to spend the New Year's eve on a high-rise hotel with a big view of the city so I could see the fireworks. Manila has the most lenient regulations of pyrotechnics in the world so it would be fun to watch it from a safe place. However, the idea came late so we weren't able to get a room on December 31st. Thankfully, we thought of trying Crowne Plaza on the 1st of January and got a suite!

Crowne Plaza Galleria Crowne Plaza Galleria

 Unli rom-coms 'till morning (photo above) and then this siesta-enticing quietness inside your room even if the sun is waking up everyone outside (photo below). 

Crowne Plaza Galleria Crowne Plaza Galleria

If work is really inevitable, you can work on the study area across the bed with an extra friendly executive chair or run near the window and answer emails while side-glancing at the Ortigas lights below. 

Crowne Plaza Galleria       
Reaching the suites on the 8th floor made me regret not booking for the suite maybe two weeks in advance. It has a breathtaking panoramic view of the eastern side of Manila, from Cubao to Eastwood and a great portion of the Ortigas - Pasig area. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows would have provided us a spectacular view of all the New Year lights. But I decided to move on. It's the first day of 2016 and it has to be fun! 

There are a lot of new hotels in the Ortigas area but sometimes, you are not into taking risks. You go for the trusted name when you want everything to be perfect, most of the times, don't you? And since I need some shopping, I went for Crowne Plaza which is just an elevator away from Robinsons Galleria. But there's more to this trusted international accommodation brand actually. 

You know that Crowne Plaza has 263 rooms in 13 floors complete with the amenities of a 4-star business hotel. I know that you also know that they have an on-site fitness center and an outdoor pool. But what you need to know is it boasts with not one, not two, but four dining establishments? You can choose between Seven Corners for buffet dining, Agenda for more straightforward breakfast and lunch maybe with business also on the table, at Xin Tian Di Restaurant for Chinese dining, and Bar One for cocktails and spirits.

Crowne Plaza GalleriaCrowne Plaza Galleria

Crowne Plaza isn't suppose to have a pool! It's a business hotel but it's taking it easy for busy people like you. This pool might not be much but the beautiful skyline will compensate for it. 

Crowne Plaza Galleria Crowne Plaza Galleria

It's a battle between being disciplined (at least during the start of the year) and taking light food or devouring all of the breakfast buffet. I took the first option... during the first day. But there are a lot of choices in Seven Corners, Crowne Plaza's buffet restaurant. You can check them out on my other post: Why Eat in Seven Corners

Crowne Plaza Galleria
Crowne Plaza Galleria
From our room to this huge hallway leading to the nearby Holiday Inn and the mall, we passed by the grand ballroom where 1,500 people can fit in. The space can be divided into 16 meeting rooms, which is a proof of Crowne Plaza's sensitivity to your business requirements. 

So, what did I do for the first two days while trapped inside Crowne Plaza? I edited photos for my next blogs, worked on my now very bad penmanship - which I was so proud of when I was in high school - by writing on my diary, and then caught up with rom-coms on cable. Of course, sleep, sleep, sleep. Now, I'm recharged and I feel like I'm ready to take over 2016. LOL!

What about you? How did you start the new year? 

P.S. Since I'm crazy, I made a random time-lapse video a few moments before we checked out. The operative word is random, so random that it doesn't make any sense. LOL!

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria is located at Ortigas Avenue corner Asian Development Bank Avenue Ortigas Center, Quezon City, 1100, Philippines. For reservations, you can call them at 63-2-6337222 or email at You can also book online here -

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