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If only I have the choice. I would love to always get flights from 6 PM to 7 PM. There's something about watching planes from the glass windows of NAIA 3 during sunset. Emo really but you don't have to be flying to watch planes. A nice airport view from a rooftop or from a hotel room would be better. 

A few days ago, we spent the weekend in Belmont Hotel Manila, a new addition to a lineup of hotels at Resorts World Manila. They have the luxurious 5-star brands Maxims Hotel and Marriott Hotel Manila then the value-for-money Remington Hotel. Now, they have something more cozy and a straightforward offering to business travelers with Belmont. 

Of the four hotels in Resorts World, or the ones that have been completed at least because we've heard that there's more coming, Belmont Hotel is the one closest to the airport. It's smartly adjacent to the entrance doors of NAIA Terminal 3. What's separating the two buildings are Andrews Avenue and the currently being built Skyway 3. It is exactly a stone's throw away from your next flight and a few meters away from the planes maneuvering for landing or takeoff.

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On the other side is the newly opened Marriott Convention Center which is one of the biggest hotel ballrooms in this country. Beside it is Resort Drive which offers a small pack of dining outlets. Then a short walk and you will find Maxims Hotel, the Resorts World casino area and the Newport Mall. This description might give you an idea for a chaotic stay. However, one things that this new hotel can offer is the privacy and the quiet time even if you are in the middle of bustling entertainment area. 

In fact, I have forgotten that I was in Resorts World. I am quite familiar with the place since I worked and lived there for three years so I decided to just stay inside the hotel for some relaxing blogging time. I was prepared for an all-out catching up with a few backlogs but I was left with a few drafts. I found myself watching cable, eating while lying in bed and staring at the airport for several hours. (LOL) But no regrets. It's not every day that you'll stay in a ceiling to floor glass wall, right? 

I also had a great time at their rooftop swimming pool. It could be the nearest swimming pool to the airport! Aside from the 15-meter main pool, the hotel shows its soft spot for kids with a smaller, round warm pool. It isn't really strictly business in Belmont if you would ask me. The entire family is welcome here with a sumptuous breakfast buffet for everyone and a gym. 

I will definitely be back for more staycation and daydreaming moments while watching airplanes by the sunset. :p

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More about Belmont Hotel Manila

It's a 4-star hotel with 480 rooms which are classified as Deluxe (Deluxe Room, Corner Deluxe, Tranquility Deluxe, Family Deluxe) and Superior (Superior Room, Family Superior). There aren't published rates because it depends on the season but to check out room availability and the specific rates for your intended stay, go to

The hotel has a 90-seater restaurant, an all-day international buffet dining area. Its function room can also accommodate as much as 100 people and can be customized for banquet and classroom setups. 

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