To Travel Is To Make The World #Wonderful

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What makes your world wonderful? 

I started jotting down my answers to that question and realized that simple things really matter. A lazy Sunday, hot coffee on a rainy morning, taking the last, almost-empty train home and that alone moment in the house when you can close the windows and blast the speakers with your favorite Madonna music. 

What about travelling? Budget travelling. Backpacking. Spontaneous flight bookings. Going to the airport after less than 48 hours of planning. How about those? 

I am no expert traveler. In fact, I've never been outside Asia. The longest flights I've been on are the 4-hour rides from Manila to Osaka and from Manila to Bali. Baby traveler I can call myself but the 38 hours I've spent flying in the first 10 months this year is a personal record. That is beyond #wonderful

Despite travelling only for three years, I'd like to think I have made the most of those on-the-road moments by making valuable life realizations. Without being emotional, here are the five lessons I picked up from the road which make travelling really #wonderful

1. Travel makes you appreciate what you have

Not a single airplane ride until I turned 21, every flight thereafter is treasured. 
Even if that includes dealing with the airport personnel for me to take this huge teddy home, a souvenir from my first visit to the Universal Studios in Singapore.

One day you'll meet ladies all dolled up in a luxury cruise and the next day you're wishing that the homeless kids you meet at a provincial port will have a better life. Either experience will fill your heart with gratitude for the things you have; to be glad that you can afford a luxury cruise and be thankful that you were somehow blessed with a healthy childhood. 

For a kid whose first airplane ride is not until he turned 21, being in the airport every other weekend today is more than #wonderful. How can I be not thankful?

2. Travel pushes you to be creative

Tried my best not to fall and took this shot successfully despite the unpredictable wild waves in SarBay or Saranggani Bay. Some photos are worth fighting for. But travel with caution, always. :)

Social media can be painful sometimes, seeing all those beautiful shots of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Some care, some don't. But I know most of you do. The challenge is for you to provide a valuable addition to this world wide web of gorgeous imageries. How to take a unique snapshot of a commonly-photographed landmark? 

Of course, there is no better souvenir from an adventure than a picture. They're meant to last a lifetime so they'd better be the best photographs you can take. 

3. Travel to know your limits (if you have any) 

Not prepared for the beach but we swam anyway. That's how inviting and fun Tanjong Beach in Sentosa Island, Singapore was. 

If you think Tokyo's very complicated train system is too much to take, you will never know if you won't try. If you think travelling alone via bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap is scary, it would be very liberating then if you can make it. 

There are a lot of things that you can discover, not just in the places your visiting but also about yourself. You'd be surprised to know that you love authentic Japanese Ramen so much and that you can take the sub-zero centigrade coldness in Korean winter. And then find out that one of things that could make you genuinely happy is to meet new friends in a local pub and realize later on that you have pretty similar lives. 

4. Get to know more that someone you think you already knew

Take 100 for this jump shot to make my travel buddy happy. And this Mary Poppins-inspired stunt at the Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan did make him smile. :)

They said that traveling brings out the worst from everyone. Traveling with a friend, someone from your family or your romantic partner allows you to know him or her more. Does he like to take control of directions or is he someone who should be reminded of what he needs for dinner. Is he the free-spirited type or does he got irritated when you're walking on the streets for hours and still lost?

Most importantly, travel is an opportunity to know what makes them happy. And I mean genuinely happy. Good food? Great fashion finds? Partying with the rest of the world? Theme parks? The zoo? Or boating under the stars? 

5. Empower others that they can travel too

I wrote about how to make it to Bangkok for less with airfare and accommodation budget tips. This generation of Instagram filters isn't just for bragging. We have to inspire and educate others too. 

Some takes social media as a bragging platform. But would you believe that in this generation of filters and camera 360, I know some friends who share their experiences to inspire others to go for what makes them happy? Sharing tips for budget travelling is more valuable than ever now that travel companies are being competitive. 

This is a beautiful world. It would be nice if we bump into each other at the busiest intersection in New York or somewhere more quiet but fun! If you have not started yet, start packing and go!

Aside form travelling, here are the things that makes my world #wonderful

 What about you? What's in your world of wonder? 

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