Staycation with the Asus Zenfone Laser 2

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Getting the ideal phone would always depend on the user. For example, I love taking photos for personal and blogging stuff so a great pair of cameras is a personal requirement. 

I later realized that a gorgeous display is as equally important as a sharp camera. It would be easier to be satisfied with your output if your photos are displaying perfectly, right? Perhaps, something looking so flawless like photos on a Capacitive touch screen with 14 million colors! This is the best characteristic of the new Zenfone Laser 2 phone for me. Thus, the name laser. 

It is also protected with the Gorilla Glass 4, the latest technology for smartphone. The system is designed to provide the most durable glass cover to avoid easy breaking just in case your mobile phone gets dropped. I've read somewhere that the Gorilla Glass 4 can withstand drops twice better than competitive glass designs, even on rough surfaces like sidewalks and parking lots.

Zenfone Laser 2 Zenfone Laser 2 Zenfone Laser 2

I had a staycation at the stunning Belmont Hotel two weekends ago where I started to use the Zenfone's camera. It boasts a 13 megapixel rear camera and a laser auto-focus to give you that dramatic depth of field. For night shots, it has a dual-LED, dual tone powerful flash too which makes it ideal for evening parties. 

Another great part is it's being supported by a Li-Po 2,400 mAh battery. I took photos around the hotel for 24 hours and my battery just dropped from 100% to 45%. That's for 24 hours! I had been connected to the internet all the time to post the photos I took on Instagram and Facebook and I still have enough battery to use for another day.

Zenfone Laser 2 Zenfone Laser 2 Zenfone Laser 2

The other stuff? The Zenfone Laser 2 is 5.66 x 2.81 compact design which is 0.41 inches thin. It is also dual-sim just in case you are maintaining two numbers. It is running under Android Lollipop and is upgradable to Android Marshmallow. The memory is expandable to 128 GB which is perfect for an HD, on-the-go movie viewing! 

It is available in 6 back pad colors; black, ceramic white, silver, purple, aqua blue, sheer gold and glamour red. I got the sheer gold, which as you can see, has that sophisticated look. 

Are you ready to #SeeWhatOthersCantSee?

Zenfone Laser 2

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