Hong Kong From The 36th Floor of L'Hotel Island South

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We always look at Hong Kong as a city filled with towering skyscrapers. But if you would take a second look at your Geography books, this Chinese autonomous territory is actually an archipelago of more than 200 islands. In short, HK is not all about the tall structures of steels, glasses and stones. It can also wow you with its greens and oceans. 

For my return trip to this Asian mega city, I took out Disneyland, Ocean Park and the famous wax museum of Madame Tussauds from my itinerary. I was looking at a detour to the countryside and was hoping to catch how Hong Kong nationals would go out to get some sun or bike their way to the uncrowded hills. Lucky for me, this wasn't really difficult to do. 

I glad I picked L'Hotel Island South in Wong Chuk Hang Road near Aberdeen district for my accommodation. I was given one of the VIP suites on the 36th floor where there was an instant view of the southern bay area. In the first photo above, you'll see the breathtaking view of the scenic Repulse Bay from my window. Although I tried to avoid it, I realized that I was very near Ocean Park too. That may not be useful for me for this trip but other L'Hotel guests should be delighted that Ocean Park is just a 10-minute bus ride away.

L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong

Upon reaching the hotel, I immediately opened my luggage and grabbed my swimming shorts. I was told that they have a swimming pool which is located at the back of the hotel, looking at the secluded, hilly area of Aberdeen. A quick elevator ride from the 36th floor to the 6th would give you access to the gym where another short elevator ride awaits. It isn't an ordinary elevator. It is made of glass walls, ceiling and floor which is a special treat in itself, reflecting the inviting water at the pool while you are being carried down. 

Arriving at the poolside will make your forget that you are actually in crowded HK. There were just three people there which made the atmosphere even more intimate. After the short swim, I readied myself for a solo trip to the Giant Buddha in Lantau Island and had a quick stop at Repulse Bay before the day ended. Buses frequent L'Hotel Island South and trips from Central via Bus 75 are available until midnight. No need to rush. 

I spent the next tree days waking up late. With your itinerary this flexible, you are allowed to oversleep. L'Hotel Island South's very homey ambiance also pushed me to indulge in a sleeping marathon which I don't usually do everytime I am out of the country. 

L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong

But of course, there will be people who would come to HK for business. Being one of the three most important economies in the world, Hong Kong is a melting pot of commerce and trade so most of the people here have more important things to do. This is something that L'Hotel is sensitive about, opening other hotels that would cater to entrepreneurs and business tourists always on the go.  

There is the L'Hotel Nina et Convention Center at Yeung Uk Road in Tsuen Wan, which has a huge ballroom, an separate exhibition hall, and an olympic-sized swimming pool. This is perfect for those who are attending business conferences and would want luxury after a long day's work. If you want to be closer to all the business action, there is the L'Hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View

For the most discriminating tastes, the L'Hotel Elan along Chong Yip Street will not disappoint you. A sophisticated interior will great you which is paired with a top-of-the-line service. For those who had high regard for value and would want to be very near Hong Kong's most-visited districts, the Lodgewood by L'Hotel Mongkok is your type of accommodation. (You can click on each hotel's highlighted names to be routed to their own websites.)

L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong L'Hotel Island South Hong Kong

It has been the most relaxing trip that I ever had. Watching Hong Kong news while lying down on a king-size bed in their ocean-inspired rooms was a joy and so does my every morning trip to Lis Cafe to get my free breakfast while passing through quiet hallways. Service is top-notch here too. I got my own router for a speedier connection on the 36th floor delivered straight to my room at 2 in the morning! :)

More photos about what I did outside L'Hotel Island South on my next blog posts. For more information about this amazing accommodation, go to their website - www.lhotelgroup.com.

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