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Being among the most visited islands in the world, it is expected for Bali to provide the most luxurious accommodations and the most exciting party places. But not everyone here has their minds set for just a good time. Tourists come here to also work and play. 

What they need is a place where they can work on their laptops in their tank tops and board shorts. A place that could give them a conducive atmosphere to work effectively without forgetting that fun is just a motorcycle ride away. This is something I've found in Brown and Butter (Click here to be directed to website). A perfect place where you can Skype with your colleagues who could be at the other side of the world. 

Just 20 minutes from the airport and also 20 minutes away from the famous Kuta Beach, Brown and Butter is perfectly located along Sunset Road, one of Bali's major highways. It's modern and Western interiors will welcome you to Hotel Berry Biz, the building where the cafe is located. Like Brown and Butter, Hotel Berry Biz is also built for business travelers. It has the function rooms and business center and of course, its wi-fi is reliable. 

We will talk about Hotel Berry Biz in the next post but for now, here's how we spent our first few hours in Bali with a welcoming hearty breakfast from Brown and Butter.

Brown and Butter Bali 
Brown and Butter Bali 
Brown and Butter Bali

A trip to Bali must include trying out the local cuisine but a Nutella Coffee Slush is just too delicious to be disregarded. Of couse, I didn't mind having it as my welcoming drink in Bali. 

Brown and Butter Bali 

Helping us recover quickly from the four-hour flight is this serving of Indonesian Fried Rice with Ikan Teri, schitzel and friend chicken. 

Brown and Butter Bali 
Brown and Butter Bali

Aside from everyone's favorite Nasi Goreng, Brown and Butter also serves traditional Indonesian dishes like the Laksa (Spicy coconut curry soup and noodle with choice of chicken), the Mie Goreng (friend noodle served with egg and vegetable with choice of chicken or seafood) and Mie Ayam (Asian style noodle topped with minced chicken and vegetable, served with chicken broth). 

Brown and Butter 11 
Brown and Butter 12

The Ikan Bakar - Grilled fish in traditional Balinese spices with vegetables, sambal matah, lalapan and steamed rice.  

Brown and Butter Bali 
Bread and Butter 5 
Brown and Butter Bali 
Bread and Butter 6

 Brown and Butter is open for 24 Hours with an excellent selection of finger food, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and rice, and a long list of your favorite caffeine fixes. 

Brown and Butter 14

Me, Cat of and our new found Indonesian friend, Cindy.  

You can visit the website of Brown and Butter here -

Brown and Butter is inspired and managed by Avilla Hospitality, one of the trusted names in accommodations in Bali. You can visit their website at 

Brown and Butter is located at Berry Biz Hotel, Sunset Road Number 99, Kuta, Bali. You can reach them at 0361 8495222. 

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