Tutuban Night Market Fashion Challenge

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Who here has not bargained for anything in their life? Lucky you if you said 'yes' but that's a sad life. It means that you have not really maximized your communication skills to its full potential. LOL. 

Moving on... It's  already September which means that the Christmas season officially begins in PH. It would be wise if you would start updating your shopping list this early. Like the previous years, it won't be a smooth sailing journey to December. So the earlier you complete your shopping tasks, the merrier Christmas will be. 

Which brings our attention to Christmas shopping destinations like Tutuban in Divisoria. I've been to the place a few times before when I was getting home supplies for my new Manila place and when we have to look for arts and crafts stuff for some of our office activities. As what they say, "to Tutuban is to be wise" but I was not really aware that this shopping mecca is also a go-to destination for buying clothes, especially for men.
Tutuban Fashion Challenge Tutuban Fashion Challenge

Last night, I was invited to a shopping and styling challenge where we were given PhP1,000 pesos to dress up our assigned models from head to toe. Hearing it for the first time was overwhelming since we have to do it in 30 minutes. It takes one day for me to shop for clothes for myself. What more for another person? 

I was assigned Amrey Rafols, a shy but nice boy who was one of the finalists of Tutuban's Faces of Summer pageant. He had this happy vibe which helped a lot in getting the clothes that we needed. I was surprised because we weren't told earlier that we have to speak to the crowd to explain the clothes we purchased. Amrey's stage experiences helped us, however. 

I was aiming for that polished look. You know, that impression that his clothes were taken out from a designer's shop. I noticed that Tutuban's vendors are into fully-printed and colorful items. But I gave Amrey that premium look. 

First, we got is the jogger pants which we haggled from the original price of PhP600 to PhP550. His stretchable pants is made of pure cotton and really comfortable he said. It's nice to know that clothes being sold at the Tutuban Night Market are available in different sizes. My model got the perfect fit.

Tutuban Fashion Challenge
Tutuban Fashion Challenge
Tutuban Fashion Challenge

Next is a denim long-sleeved top. We went for the soft denim with the color that matched his joggers. We planned to fold it in three-fourths and to leave it unbottoned. We also got it for a good price, PhP300 instead of the initial price of PhP380. To complete his top is a white cotton shirt which we got for PhP100. 

We had PhP50 extra in our budget and some 10 minutes to spare. Amrey had the idea of completing his look with an accessory. He suggested for a dog tag. Luckily, we found a two-plated dog tag in one stall for only PhP60. We haggled of course and got it for PhP50.  

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to complete the challenge. I was happy that we got those items. The lesson is to have more patience, which should be an acquired skill for an excellent shopper. If you have this, you should be able to surprise yourself with good finds at the Tutuban Night Market. They are open until 12 midnight on weekdays and until 2 in the morning on weekends. 

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