Hong Kong And My Very First VLOG

9:48 AM

I've always wanted to make a v-log or a video blog. I'm hesitant because I am not sure of my video editing skills yet. In the first place, I am not even familiar with any video editing tool! *Sad* 

Then came another unplanned trip to help mend a broken heart overseas. That maybe is over the top but after months of preparations, my boyfriend is leaving the country to explore more of his life in Dubai. Imagining the first few nights to be very difficult, I've decided to just be with him at least in Hong Kong where he will stay for three days before flying for 8 hours to the Gulf. 

My decision came too late though so he has to fly to HK first and I have to follow more than a day later to secure tickets and get clearance from work. So, with the tiniest luggage that I have ever packed for an international trip, I avoided emo moments by taking some videos. 

I shot the videos using my iPhone 6 Plus and edited this video on YouTube's very user-friendly video editing tool. Your tips would be very valuable! Let me know at the comments section below. :) 

P.S. Don't forget to switch video quality to 720P (look for the settings bar, lower-right) to help make this video look more pleasant than it acually is. :/ 

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