Get HOOQ'd Even Overseas

6:17 AM

So you think you can enjoy your HOOQ subscription only in the Philippines? Of course not! Jet setters and travel enthusiasts can still enjoy your favorite video streaming app even if you are somewhere globe-trotting!

You can stock up to five videos on your phone while you are in the Philippines and then you can watch them as a downloaded video abroad while you are waiting on the airport, on a tiring layover, or while you are on your hotel and missing your favorite local soap opera. 

You can spend a relaxing time by your hotel pool too and watch the most anticipated climax of a movie you can't finish while working at home. This is exactly what I did while having a great pool time at the beautiful Kokonut Suites in Bali.

Bali - Hooq Bali - Hooq Bali - Hooq

With HOOQ, you can download up to a maximum of five videos of movies or episodes of a TV series. Downloading is the same concept as the "offline music" on Spotify which is still available to be listened to even if you don't have internet. If you need more space, you can just delete one of the downloaded movies that you've watched and replace it with a new one! 

Of course you can also do this locally. This is a great plan especially if you're travelling to an isolated area with poor internet reception. Imagine watching the latest episode of Scandal while waiting for sunrise on Mt. Pulag. Amazeballs!

Before you start downloading movies and TV series, do you know that the monthly subscription of HOOQ is down from PhP199 to PhP149?! Happy Streaming ya'll! 

Bali - Hooq Bali - Hooq Bali - Hooq

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