A Taste of Bali at the Kokonut Suites

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I was still groggy from lack of sleep after the previous night's assignments when I realized that we just arrived in our destination. The humidity is the same so it took us awhile to realize that we're actually in another country. We have just arrived in Bali. 

After stretching some neck muscles, I marveled at the gorgeous brick-walled and the spanking clean Ngurah Rai International Airport. Very world-class for an airport not located in the capital city, I told myself. From the immigration counters, we walked passed a Duty Free shop and saw Filipino-looking men and women smiling while waiving signages and banners. Indonesians look like us; beautifully brown-skinned, standing 5'6" at the average, smiling and very welcoming. 

A man wearing sunglasses emerged from the crowd. His yellow green uniform was well-pressed and his smile was fixed like he is about to eat the most delicious Nasi Goreng. "Mark?", he asked while approaching us as if we are friends who have not seen each other for a long time. He used my first passport name of course. He introduced himself to be Taufik (reminds me of the World Champion badminton player from the same country), our main point person for Kokonut Suites.

Taufik would later end up as our tour guide, driver, hotel porter and new Indonesian friend. He is so extravagant in providing information about where to go, what to do and which to avoid. He is an all-around man and I was wondering if he is being compensated for doing more than three jobs. 

Taufik is only one example of how great service is in Kokonut Suites. The rest of our stay has been delightful and with how our suite was designed, it gave us a luxurious reminder of home.

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Kokonut Suites is part of a group of tourism companies in Bali. They have other hotels, spas and restaurants which would make it not surprising if they know the hospitality business very well. The hotel is located at the Petitenget area in Kerobokan which is just outside tourism centers Kuta and Seminyak and just 30 minutes away from the airport.

All air-conditioned suites in the resort include a private balcony and well-furnished with amenities: fully-equipped kitchen, dining table, mini bar with coffee and tea maker, flat screen TV, desk and phone, single sofa, long sofa and a lazy chair, combined shower and bath tub and a reliable wifi access. 

To make your stay extra comfortable, Kokonut Suites finds it necessary to offer a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Livingstone Cafe and Bakery, in-room dining from 7 in the morning to as late as 11 PM, a swimming pool lounge, an intimate spa, a kids corner, an outdoor garden, laundry service, a business center, a free airport shuttle service and a 24-hour front desk. 

Rates depend on the season but a suite that can accommodate up to 4 people can go as low as PHP4,000 (roughly USD89). For a service and an accommodation fit for a 4-star resort, who would not consider this a bargain? 

There is so much to write about our short trip to Bali but my favorite would be the story about Kokonut Suites. I've always think that accommodations need not be luxurious when you travel abroad since you will be out most of the times anyway. This may still be true depending on your purpose of travelling but a nice accommodation seals the great experience. 

Kokonut Suites and to my man Taufik, we are coming back!

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You can visit the website of Kokonut Suites here - www.kokonutsuites.com

Kokonut Suites is inspired and managed by Avilla Hospitality, one of the trusted names in accommodations in Bali. You can visit their website at www.avilla-hotels.com

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