The Nips 90's Jingle and the new Nips Choco Bar

12:24 PM

Nips chocolate bars

Nineties babies raise your hands! 

I have lyrics below of a TV commercial jingle which was really big in that decade. Read and I'm sure you will sing along! 

You wanna see what happens in a bag of Nips?
What goes on before they touch my lips?
They make a rainbow (Chocolate Nips!)
A choco rainbow (Chocolate Nips!)
And then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees
 They're sweet and delicious, look at all those bees
When I want fun, I get a bag of Nips and make a rainbow... 
(Nips! Nips!)

Nips Nips 

This classic brings back a lot of childhood memories. It seems like your awesome memories with Nips will not end with the jingle or the candy-coated chocolates. The Nips goodness is now in a chocolate bar. 

Yup! Just last July 2015, Nips has launched the Nips Chocolate bars which are available in variants of Dark Chocolate Bar (Purple package), White Chocolate Bar (White wrap) and Milk Chocolate Bar (blue wrap). They are now available in your favorite grocery stores. 

You can expect that I had my share of Nips chocolate bar moments. Of course! These photos will serve as proofs.  In fact, I am getting some Nips chocs dose while writing this. Teehee! :) 
Nips Nips

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