Glam Squad Salon- Timog

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Glam Squad Salon - Timog

The demand for uniqueness is at its all-time high. I don't think I need to remind you that. You're not just looking for the perfect-tasting cheesedog at a burger junction. You're asking what's special about their burgers. Can I not find their cheese somewhere near? Do they have burger-shaped seats too? 

Ridiculous actually but the more ridiculous, the better! 

Such that I found a three-story salon along Timog Avenue which hosts brightly-lit seats to get a haircut on the first floor. Not ridiculous at all. On the second floor is a very homey place filled with huge Lay-Z-Boys for manicure, pedicure and foot spa. Not so ridiculous. How about a vinyl shop with an awesome collection that you can listen to while they help you let go of those split ends on the third floor? Ridiculously cool! 

Maybe I am overreacting but I don't mind travelling from the other tip of Buendia in Pasay to Timog in QC just to get a be-spoiled-like-there-is-no-tomorrow haircut. Glam Squad Salon, a place that's already getting the attention of some celebrities, is gonna be worth all the traffic.

Glam Squad Salon - Timog Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon

Owned by Ivy Varona, belonging to the same clan of hairstylist to the stars Biba Varona, said that she would like all her guests to feel like a celebrity. She herself is at the salon most of the times to provide first-class assistance. "I don't like guests waiting. If they really have to wait because the salon is full, I make sure that they're comfortable or being entertained," she said. 

Customer service is not the only thing that will make you feel like you are pampered here, she has also hired some of the most talented hair stylists. From a simple haircut to complex hair treatments, and from pedicure to the most relaxing foot spa, her salon provides a long list of beauty services. 

Glam Squad Salon has partnered with Black Circles by Alice, an online vinyl re-seller who is occupying the third floor of their building. Hundreds of premium records are being displayed here ranging from Michael Jackson, to the music of Lana Del Ray, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley. Most of these records are imported from the U.S and are at limited collector's edition. Check out their Facebook here

Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon Glam Squad Salon

Blending in with the collection is a two-seat barber area with the pub-ish interiors. If you wish to get a drink and listen to music before your big makeover, you can for no extra cost. 

Speaking of cost, Ivy has not released any published rates. That's because she maintains a close relationship with her clients, who mostly are enjoying special rates. The idea is to walk in, have a little chat with Miss Ivy or her staff and ask for the price of the service that you'd like to get. 

The Glam Squad Salon is located at Gil Preciousa Building, beside Cake2Go at Timog Avenue. It's a walking distance from GMA Network and the Tomas Morato Rotonda from the other side. You can call them at 351 3320 or 0916 345 4984. You can also like them on Facebook here

Pay the salon a visit and we might bump into each other there.

Glam Squad Salon

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