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Those days when it's raining hard outside but I am comfortable on our sofa, curled up in thick blankets while watching a perfectly paced rom-com over hot chocolate. Those are the best nights. The best nights could be ruined, however, with the shallowest of reasons: when you have to stand up to reach for the the DVD of the next movie but you're afraid of losing that mood-setting, back-comforting, and senti-inspiring perfect, under-the-sheets position. 

No judging the OCD but movies require the perfect mood. Thank God we have laptops and smartphones now where we can move on from one movie to the next, or from one episode of our favorite series to another in a few clicks. But do we really have to turn the internet upside down just to search for the next link? Or do we have to wait for the download to complete? 

Tonight's experience was different. I transitioned from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Bell and Joshn Duhamel to Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling and even Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz with my head buried very comfortably on my pillows. My phone did everything for me. And so did my fast internet connection. But the real star of the night is HOOQ, a video on demand platform.

Video On Demand (VOD) is previously a stranger to the Philippines. I mean, we are the texting capital and maybe, the new Instagram capital of the world but Video On Demand what?! Before I realized it, I saw a young girl the other day, holding hands with her mom while the other hand is holding a tablet which was streaming Happy Feet Two in a bus going out of BGC. I say that was time well spent for her since she has to face homework when she reaches home. She was enjoying HOOQ and I did the same tonight! 

After a bowl of pasta, my next favorite part of the night was when Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) told Cal (Steve Carell) that "his head is like the proportions of a Styrofoam peanut" in Crazy Stupid Love. OK. That was rude but the night got more, ahm, endearing when Elizabeth Green (Taylor Schilling) told Zac Efron's character that "the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people." Needless to say I had a pretty entertaining night. All thanks to this app which allows us to watch local and international movies and TV series on our phones. 

Aside from comfort and the instant access, it is affordable. Go out and watch at the cinema and you have to pay PHP200 at least. You don't want to be alone of course and you have to feed yourself and your date. That's more or less PHP800 for just one title. That's unacceptable knowing that you can just dim the lights, get your super awesome headphones and stay on your bed to watch a blockbuster without spending more than PHP300. You can text GoSurf299 to 8888 for HOOQ usage with an inclusive data allocation or HOOQ199 to 8888 for the HOOQ standalone offer.

For tonight I have When In Rome, Crazy Stupid Love, The Lucky One and A Very Special Love. Tomorrow night, I'm reserving The Proposal, A Lot Like Love, Music and Lyrics and Raising Helen. I also want to make it an action-packed weekend with Hellboy, Sherlock Holmes, and Wrath of the Titans. 

Then maybe a little Throwback Thursday the week after with the TV series I miss; Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Nip/Tuck. Oh let me know if you have time for local drama series marathon like My Husband's Lover, Lobo and Imortal. How's that for an awesome selection? 

Click here for more information about HOOQ. 

If you could excuse me. I'm ready for the next movie. 'Till the next blog! :) 

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