Flying to Japan on a budget with Cebu Pacific

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It was around three years ago when I initially tried to plan for a trip to Japan. The first step of planning was already a challenge: How to get an affordable flight from Manila to any Japanese city. I scrapped the plan. Next time maybe, I told myself. 

During my birthday earlier this year, I saw a piso fare promo on my Facebook newsfeed. I was in Singapore that moment and planning for another international trip would be premature. Without a specific destination in mind however, I went ahead and started looking for one-peso flights at I saw some available seats for July from Manila to Osaka. What started to be just a trial booking brought me to the payment confirmation page. 

I was charged PHP12,459.90 for a two-way fare for Manila and Osaka for two people. One person's bill is only PHP6,229.96 with fuel surcharges, the Japanese Security Service Fee, Japanese Passenger Service Facilities Charge, the web admin fee, the additional baggage fee of 15 kilos for every flight, taxes and the one-peso base fare. If we bring it down further, it was already a bargain to pay PHP3,114.98 for one international flight, right?

Japan- Cebu Pacific Japan- Cebu Pacific Passing through the sunny Taiwan area on our flight from Manila to Osaka. 

Japan- Cebu Pacific 
I usually sleep on long flights but maybe I was so excited to see Japan for the first time that I stayed awake. We entertained ourselves with games and with good reads on Cebu Pacific's official magazine, Smile. 

Japan- Cebu Pacific Japan- Cebu Pacific
Gate 34 of Terminal 1 of the Kansai International Airport in Osaka. 

Even if my flight to Japan was confirmed, I still tried to search for carriers that could offer cheaper flights but I found none. It was such a comfort to know that I still got the best rate even if it was just another one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases. I am thankful to Cebu Pacific for making one of my dream destinations possible. 

Cebu Pacific also flies from Manila to Tokyo (Narita Airport) and Nagoya. These services were launched in March 2014. Though I would say that with the Japanese bullet trains around, it doesn't matter which city you land. You can easily move from one Japanese city to the next with the Shinkansen in just few hours. You can read my Shinkansen experience here - Tokyo to Kyoto aboard the Shinkansen. 

Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Osaka daily and to Nagoya and Tokyo four times a week. Flights from Manila to Osaka take an average of 4 hours and 17 minutes with Japan 1 hour ahead of Manila.

Japan- Cebu Pacific We arrived in Osaka on a rainy night. We decided to take a cab instead of the subway from the airport to our hotel since we still have our heavy luggage with us. 

Japan- Cebu Pacific From Osaka, we also visited the nearby Kyoto for more sight-seeing. The historical Tenryu-ji Temple in the Saga-Arashiyama district is among the beautiful places that you should not miss while in Japan. 

Japan- Cebu Pacific 
Of course! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. 

Japan- Cebu Pacific Japan- Cebu Pacific
Taking the Rapid Train from Central Osaka back to the Kansai International Airport. 

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