Eiffel Tower in Tokyo

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The Eiffel Tower is in everyone's travel list. Who would not want to see one of the most photographed landmarks in the world? 

While our Paris trip remains to be at the planning stage, let's be contented with the Asian version for the moment. The word "contented" there is actually an understatement. Once you see the Tokyo Tower, you'll realize that if only it doesn't have a more popular look-a-like, it is an attraction of its own.

The Tokyo Tower is one of the more than 30 duplicate structures of the Eiffel Tower scattered around the world. It could be among the most popular together with the Long Ta in Harbin, China, the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower at the casino strip, and the Window of the World in Shenzhen, China.

Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower

It is actually a communications and observation tower and despite the thousands of skyscrapers in progressive Japan, the Tokyo Tower is the second tallest structure in the country. It stands 1,029 feet above sea level and was built in 1958. Yes, it's 56 years old but if you only heard of it now, you're not alone. It's a shame really that I learned about this structure only when I planned for our Japan trip. At least, we are blogging about it now. 

If you are on a DIY tour and you're avoiding Tokyo's expensive taxi fees, the train ride to the Tokyo Tower could be very challenging. The train station nearest to the tower is the Akabanebashi Station which, according to Google Maps, is 11 minutes of walking distance between each other. I had this experience with Google Maps and their "walking" means sprint- walking. Eleven minutes here actually means 20 minutes if you walk while sight-seeing. 

If you're coming from the central Tokyo Station, take the Chuo Line to Yoyogi Station. Transfer to the Oedo Line for your ride to Akabanebashi Station. If you plan to go there at night to catch the tower lighted up, the area from the station to the tower is lit dark. By Manila standards, it's kind of scary but Tokyo is generally a safe city. You'll arrive in your destination safely as long as you follow traffic rules. :)

Tokyo Tower 2 Tokyo Tower 3

For better time management, the Tokyo Tower is near the Rainbow Bridge. If these two attractions are in your list, schedule them one after the other. 

If you want to have a 360-degree view of Tokyo, entrance to the main observation deck is 900 Yen (roughly PHP 333). Admission closes at 10:30 PM depending on the weather so try to go there at early dinner time. There are also food junctions in the area so it's a great idea to have a little picnic with your travel buddies. 

I will see you Eiffel Tower very soon but for now, it's great to meet Tokyo Tower. Where else in Tokyo have you been?

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