What To Do In Wave-less La Union

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Surfing in La Union

Everyone visiting La Union is expecting a great ride in the sea. But what to do when, in some stroke of bad luck, the waves are nowhere to be found on what supposed to be a fun weekend?! 

For Joms's birthday, we decided to skip staycation in a fancy hotel in Manila and go somewhere far instead. We've been to Baler and this time, we wanted to try the famous surfing spot in San Juan, La Union. When we arrived on a hot Saturday afternoon, however, the beach was quiet and the sea was dead flat. 

I have to be honest that it was disappointing. Although our hotel - the Little Surfmaid Resort - was amazing, surfing is the number one reason why we traveled for 7 long hours. 

We were surprised though that even if there were no waves, a couple of people were still enjoying the waters, wearing their rash guards and carrying their long boards. We realized later on that we have to find other alternative ways to have fun and make the day worthwhile. :) 

La Union La Union La Union La Union La Union La Union

So, what to do in La Union other than surfing?

1. Go kayaking. The surfing shops located just along the shore of San Juan know the sea too much that they are also versatile. They are ready to offer kayak equipment for rental. 

2. Unli Food Trip. Several resorts with their own restaurants line up the Urbiztondo beach and most of them offer amazing food. Be careful though. Check the menu first before getting yourself a table because some rates could be more expensive than expected. If you're lucky, you might just find yourself some authentic Ilocano dishes. 

3. Chase the waterfalls. You may start singing the song with that the same familiar line because you have a couple of waterfalls to choose from: Balay Anito Falls in Santol town, Guinabang Falls in Bacnotan town, Occalong Falls in Luna town, and the Lon-oy Spring and Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel. 

4. Have a Grape Day! If Ilocos is known for their tobacco plantation then La Union is slowly making its name in grape farming. You can visit the Lomboy Farms in Bauang for some sweet moments. 

5. Paddle some more! If you want to stay in your hotel instead, an hour or two of playtime at the beach should be fun! I'm posting here the photos of what we did the next day when the waves still didn't show up. 

You can always choose to have fun! :) 

La Union La Union La Union La Union La Union La Union

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