Underwater Selfies & Activities Priced Right in Puerto Galera

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Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera

I am not sure if the sea and me are close friends but I am a Pisces. That might be scientifically irrelevant (haha!) but I still find it ridiculous to be represented by fish as my zodiac sign yet I don't know how to swim. 

I was surprised last weekend though that I did not hesitate to jump into the water in Puerto Galera. Most if not always, I am the last one to get off the boat during water activities. For me, the blue green ocean is deceiving and the dark blue sea means something scary is about to happen. But in Galera, I was under the water before I knew it. 

I was also surprised when I see how healthy the snorkeling spots in Galera have become. I was in the same area four years ago where I snorkeled for less than 5 minutes. It was a challenge to get a glimpse of beautiful creatures then. Now, however, we were greeted by an entire lagoon of beautiful coral reefs. And the fish were everywhere! 

The entire area is called the Haligi Beach. Not sure if that is an appropriate name since no one was enjoying the white sand. Everyone is in their boats, looking for a less crowded area to snorkel in the middle of the sea. 

Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera

Haligi is a 15-minute boat ride away from Muelle port. Renting a boat costs PHP700 and it will transport you from Muelle to other side of Haligi island. You need to transfer to smaller boats for water activities which costs PHP500 per person. Two to three people can be accommodated in the smaller bankas. Activities include boating to their own mini-version of the underwater cave, fish feeding and snorkeling. We decided to just snorkel since we didn't have the luxury of time. We were charged PHP200 per person. It's nice to support local tourism but do your research before paying. You might be charged more than what the town tourism council allows. 

Good thing we stayed in Puerto Nirvana, one of the best resorts very accessible to Muelle Bay. The owner and his staff are knowledgeable about the ins and the outs of Puerto Galera. Puerto Nirvana is the only resort in the island which holds team building activities for schools and companies, water activities included. For family and group of friends, they also offer packages which include water hopping activities. You have to check out their website (www.puertonirvana.com) for the best rates.

Now that you know how to navigate your way to Haligi, I took some selfies to give you a glimpse of the fun that awaits you. LOL to me, I am really not a selfie person. But for underwater, I just might be. :) 

Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera

Here's a 60-second raw video. I had one hand holding a rope tied to the boat to drag me as it slowly moves while the other hand was holding the GoPro. Yep! All of that for the love of blogging. 

Don't forget to click the settings at the lower right side of the video and set to HD or 720p for a better viewing experience. :) 

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