Shopping for a new phone and a Globe plan fast and easy online!

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Globe online postpaid signup

Isn't it amazing to do almost everything online? I am mostly watching my favorite TV shows online now, do banking transactions over the internet and lately, shop virtually. 

Do you know that you can also sign up for postpaid plans online? With Globe, you can. What used to be a tedious process of lining up in Globe stores with your BIR 2316 form and payslips can now be completed hassle-free over the internet. 

Just go to where you can see the updated list of current plans, devices and promos. Sometimes, some promos are being offered exclusively on the website!

Globe online postpaid signup
You can begin shopping either by choosing plans, selecting the device first or by checking out current promos. The screenshot above is what we did today. We chose the plan first which is the myLifestyle Plan 999. 

Globe online postpaid signup
There are only five steps to get your dream phone and postpaid plan: (1.) Supply personal information, (2.) Put the address and select the payment method, (3.) Attach your payslips and other financial information, (4.) Upload other necessary documentation which are mostly scanned copies of your identification cards, and (5.) Click the box if you agree to the terms. 

So, what to do? Your proof of billing and income can now be submitted online. Of course, you have to scan them your requirements. But for those who have an online payroll support system, which I believe most companies now have, screenshots and downloading come in handy. You will send it together with your application forms.

Just because it is done online, doesn't mean the payment options will be limited for some security purposes. Actually, no. You can still choose to pay for your postpaid plan via credit card or through Cash on Delivery (COD). 

Globe Globe

The device will be delivered. No need to go to Globe stores! The device will be in your doorstep 24 hours after being approved. Great deal, right?! 

Who is ready to shop? 

Your dream phone is just a few clicks away at

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