Mornings in Puerto Nirvana

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Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera

It's always fantastic to start your day with a cup of hot chocolate. But let's make today different. To the ocean at 6AM? 

Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera will be the best place to go a little sentimental early in the morning. The resort is located not just along the beach. You have the sea right on your doorstep. So, when you're in the mood to be extra emo, Puerto Nirvana will give you that quiet, me moment far from the crowd of the popular White Beach. 

I just came from Davao City the other weekend and went straight to a busy week of events that my head felt like it was spinning in exhaustion. I got so excited, however, upon receiving an invite from a friend that we can stay for three days and two nights in a resort in Puerto Galera. To be honest, I have had painful experiences in a very crowded Puerto Galera from years back that I was not too keen in going back to the island. But I thought it is not the vacation season so I can expect a friendlier and more relaxing atmosphere.

Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera

Happy to note that Puerto Nirvana is not located along White Beach. In fact it's a good 20-minutes drive away. If you are the partying type, it is still very accessible. But if you want to just relax, you found yourself a haven! 

Even its rooms are arranged to provide you a laid back atmosphere. It's not like you escaped Manila only to be surrounded with steel and glass. The rooms resemble how houses of prominent families are decorated in the province. So welcoming, so homey. :) 

Rooms here are not that expensive. For PHP1,500, you can stay in a standard room along with a friend during non-peak times. You can bring the entire family and pay a room that can accommodate 8 people for only PHP4,200. For honeymooners, their Superior room is available for a friendly rate of PHP2,800 during off-peak months. You can check out the complete room rates here - Puerto Nirvana Room Rates. 

Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera

For companies who would like to hold team activities in Puerto Galera, Puerto Nirvana is a perfect choice. They are the only resort in the island that conducts team building activities (See Amazing Race Team Building). You don't have to stress yourself thinking of activities. The resort's fun team will do everything for you. All you have to do is set the date and pay. 

If you're too conscious of being overcharged, the resort can take care of booking for your activities too. The activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, extreme sports (ATV ride, paintball, etc), golf, banana boat ride, jet ski and even parasailing. They have the complete rates here - Fun Activities at Puerto Nirvana

For today though, we just decided to chill and not worry so much about time. With an infinity pool and a dining area overlooking the sea, Puerto Nirvana allows you to be lazy without feeling guilty about it.

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Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera Puerto Nirvana in Galera

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