Melting in Heat at EDSA Shangri-La

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Have you been in a situation wherein you're very excited about something that you want to faint. OK. That could be a little too much. Or what's the perfect way to describe it? Swoon? Melt? 

The sight of many mouthwatering food could be overwhelming. Sometimes, you can't even decide which to pick first. The secret is to slow down. Think which of the food items have you not eaten for a long time. Choose the dishes and desserts which are exclusive to that restaurant. And later on, it's time to indulge on your favorites. 

This is exactly what I did early today in Heat, EDSA Shangri-La's buffet restaurant, which features open theater kitchens. That means, you will see the chefs prepare your food for a more engaging experience. 

Heat has 7 interactive stations, or correct me if I lost count. These stations offer a wide array of food types, from Oriental to Indian cuisine, Filipino to Italian dishes, pizza and pasta, fresh seafood delights, bread and cheese, noodles and dimsum and of course, my favorite heavenly desserts.

Don't be under the impression that Heat is exclusive to hotel guests. Everyone is welcome to walk in for breakfast (for PHP1,540 from Monday to Sunday, 6AM to 10AM), lunch (for PHP1,800 from Monday to Saturday and PHP2,500 on Sunday, 11AM to 3PM), and dinner (for PHP2,100 from Sunday to Thursday and PHP2,300 for Friday Seafood Night and Saturday Barbecue Night, 5PM to 9PM)

Words will not be enough to satisfy you so I'll show you photos of some of their specialties. Let's go and indulge!

Heat Edsa Shangri-La  Roast Glazed Ham 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Baked Mussels 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La Lobster Salad

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Tuna 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Some Emmental Cheese 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La Noodles

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Lechon Kawali 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Breakfast on a stick

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Sachimi

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Sachimi Salad

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Indian Dishes: Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Tandoori, Fish Tikka, Prawns Saslik

Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La Raspberry Mousse 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Chocolate Decadence 

Heat Edsa Shangri-La Supermoist

Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La 
Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Heat is located at the ground floor of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, 1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. You can call 633- 8888 for reservations. See you there! 

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