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avida altura tower 2

Those in their late 20's can relate. After all the Friday bar hopping, the shopping and the tours here and abroad, what's next? Soon you will face one question: How can I spend my salary more wisely? 

You would later realize that signature clothes and the most updated gadgets are not what life is all about. And you will begin to feel that sense of fulfillment when you pay for the more responsible stuff like bank savings, paying for a life insurance, spending for a car loan or a housing loan. The earlier you start, the better. 

I've been wanting to own a house of my own but I still have to figure out how to begin. I come from the province and to be honest, I am not in favor of buying a condo in Manila. No offense to this great city which has been good to me for the past 5 years, but I don't see myself retiring and settling down here. Life is just simpler and more peaceful in Leyte.

Avida Avida Avida Avida Avida Avida

Thanks to our good friends in Avida. I now have this concrete way of getting my dream home. They also changed my mind about Manila. Being one of the huge companies that are converting this massive metropolis into a more livable place, Manila in the next few years will be different. 

One of the few areas in this mega city that can offer us a "healthy" life is the south. Friends would always say that people from the south are more family oriented just because their environment allows them to. Avida is now developing the Altura Tower 2 which will be the center of attraction at the soon to be green and gorgeous South Park District. 

I had the chance to visit their sample rooms, from studio apartments to two-bedroom spaces and I will post here the photos. 

Altura Tower 2 adheres to the five condo must-haves: free-flowing air and sunlight, fewer units per floor, sensible amenities, emergency power even inside the units, and easy payment terms.

avida altura tower 2
Avida Avida Avida Avida

The Avida Altura Tower 2 is strategically located in a 6.6-hectare mixed-use development featuring residential, office and retail areas anchored in a central park. The central park consists of a plaza which is designed to accommodate weekend markets, bazaars, and other community events. It has also a grand lawn with wide open space, greenery and playful structures that make it an ideal place for play, sunning and relaxation. 

The neighboring South Park Mall will bring the best of retail and dining experience just like other Ayala-operated malls. It will be inclusive of 24/7 entertainment experience concepts and a supermarket and a department store to cater to workers in the BPO industry which are surrounding the area. 

If you want to learn more about the more technical, payment-related stuff, you can call +632 848 5200 or 1-800-10 848 5200 for inquiries made outside Manila. You can also visit for more information. 

Avida Avida Avida Avida Avida

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