Pizza with MMA Champ Mark Striegl and the guys of Team Buffet

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One advantage about blogging is that chance to learn something new every day. Two days ago, we were invited to a pizza afternoon with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion Mark Striegl  and the rest of Team Buffet where we learned a couple of things about the sport, Mark's diet and his life outside the ring. That includes his new project - a food and fitness blog named 

Lately, I am obsessed in researching about diet since I started to be serious about gym-ing again. Gym folks tell me that exercise is just about half of the efforts of getting the body that you wanted. The other half is determining which food to eat. For those who are in the same situation as I am, isn't it great that we will have another great online resource!

Mark Striegl, for those who don't know, is a half Filipino and half American athlete who was named by Yahoo Sports last year as one of the hottest prospects in Asian MMA. In fact, a few days before our pizza party, Mark just won his latest fight in One Championship: Valor of Champions by defeating Casey Suire in MOA Arena. It would be another assurance that the facts that we will be reading on his new website will come from a person who is so disciplined with fitness and food. 

Mark will not be alone in posting healthy stuff on the website and it won't be all about food and fitness. Mark's brother Frank is a great cook who is based in food mecca Tokyo. You'll probably be reading recipes on seafood dishes but you can expect a lot of travel posts from this guy too. With his destinations mostly in the exotic places in Asia, the Travel tab on the website should give you good reads.

Mark Team Buffet Mark Team Buffet Mark Team Buffet

MMA and Rugby super athlete AJ Lias is also part of the website's content team. AJ promised that his insights will not be focused only to hardcore fitness enthusiasts but also to beginners. This tough guy has also a soft spot for culture and travelling so expect detailed entries from his about his homeland Malaysia. 

Another super athlete joined Team Buffet. Cross-fit purist Mark Contreras is also part of the website. With significant know-how in playing Tennis, he is another fitness guru who will also teach us the soft side of sports - the value of hard work and motivation. Justin Dunkle, an entrepreneur whose family owns a chain of bakeries and restaurants in Taiwan is another one of our content providers. His knowledge on the food business would be something to watch out for. 

Completing Team Buffet is Yuji Hoshino, another MMA fighter. Like the rest, he thanks excellent food choices as the main recipe for being one of the world's best MMA fighter. Known in martial arts world as "The Beast", Yuji will give us great information about keeping meat as part of one's diet. 

Mark, on the other hand, will go very personal about his MMA styles. He said he might keep his new moves a secret yet to surprise future opponents on the ring but MMA fans will definitely know some techniques. He is also excited to share his experiences from his travels in Asian countries. You will also see him to be more active on social media soon! 

Get ready for Team Buffet's website launch tomorrow, May 1! You can bookmark this website now -

Mark Team Buffet Mark Team Buffet

P.S. Thanks to Alchemy in Polaris Street, Makati for the sumptuous buffet we had during the launch. I did not only love the pizza. I loved the pasta and everything else! Alchemy has a great selection of concoctions too so you can bring your friends over to unwind! :) 

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