Korea's Mr. Pizza is here in PH!

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Mr Pizza in Greenbelt

From K-Pop to K-Pizza! It seems like we're getting more foodie lessons from our Korean friends other than fried chicken and noodles. Their number one pizza chain is now here in the Philippines and its flagship store in the country opened in Greenbelt yesterday. Welcome to PH Mr. Pizza! 

To be honest, I am not a huge pizza lover. I am not comfortable seeing a lot of stuff on my food. Ironically, the idea of crowded toppings is what a pizza is for, right? It's really a challenge to get myself that perfect pan recipe. 

At yesterday's grand opening, however, I have tasted Mr. Pizza's version of the Hawaiian (topmost photo). I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike other Hawaiian pizza versions from other stores, the white cheese complemented the sweet pineapple and the salty bacon so perfectly. 

That's just my first pie of the night. Conscious diners would say too much pizza is heavy to the tummy but because of the soft crust, you might be enjoying more pizza than you should. It is 100% hand-kneaded. You can see for yourself cooks kneading and tossing the dough at the prep area which is an added entertainment while you eat.

Choice is also a headline in Mr. Pizza's arrival in the Philippines. Pizzas are served in a default crust which comes with a garlic dip but it is very customizable! You can choose an Egg Tart crust (the edge is lined with a sweet custard), Cheddarella (coated with mozzarella and cheddar which melts into the crust when baked), Gold (sweet potato filling, smooth and sweet which can be likened to the flavor of a red bean paste), Cream Cheese, Mocha Bun (dough infused in mocha flavor), and Cheese Cap (filled with cheese mousse). 

If you're in the mood for pizza, let me share a gallery of the delights that I tasted last night. :)

Mr. Pizza 2  Mr Pizza's Hawaiian Delight - soft from the toppings to the base. :) 

Mr. Pizza 3 Mr. Pizza prides itself with full-hearted toppings placed with the same sincerity and dedication as farmers plant seeds. You can literally taste the passion, no kidding! 

Mr. Pizza 4
 Meet Mr. Pizza Overload 

Mr. Pizza 5  The Shrimp Gold - whole shrimps seasoned with sweet and sour chilli and Cajun spice 

Mr. Pizza 7 Mr. Pizza's Secret Garden

Mr. Pizza 8 We also watched an exhibition show at the store opening in Greenbelt 3

Mr. Pizza 10 That's cheese being rolled to make the edge crust tastier! 

Mr. Pizza 11 
Mr. Pizza 9 
Mr. Pizza 6
They don't just serve pizza. They have pasta and other dishes too! They have oven cheese seafood, hot wings, Kimchi Spaghetti and this Chicken Vegetable bowl. 

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