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OK! TV on Cignal Colours Channel

OK! You got me! I am watching the newest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This is the 11th episode of the 10th season where they're showing my most awaited Kardashian moment: Bruce Jenner's confession on becoming a woman. I've waited for 3 weeks for this! 

I just found out, however, that I don't need to wait for three weeks just to fill myself in with Hollywood gossips. While other showbiz-oriented shows takes a day to be aired here in the Philippines, it's nice to know that you can get the "freshest" (if that's how you want to call it) Hollywood news the fastest through OK! TV

Cignal's Colours channel is now airing OK! TV, one of America's most talked about entertainment shows. This show gives viewers an intimate look into the world of Hollywood's A-list celebrities, red carpet ceremonies, films, music, TV, fashion, celebrity weddings and everything that you need to know about the world's entertainment capital.

 Reported by OK! TV about three months ago, Bruce Jenner's transition into a woman has only been aired on his family's own reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in the US last weekend. 

This may be something that will interest you, I thought. Rapper 50 Cent supports Mayweather despite their former feud. So, what? 

You might think that I am watching online but the show is only available on Cignal Colours channel. There are some updates and video clips on its website though so you can still be updated while away with your smartphones or tablets. This is what I was doing while the picture above was taken actually, comparing what the Kardashians have said online and what they're telling the world on their reality show. I am calling it entertainment investigative journalism. LOL! 

What makes OK! TV extraordinary is its unique format; a faster pace compared to the conventional talk shows. The results are also comprehensive and well-researched. OK! TV is top billed by Julie Alexandria, one of Hollywood's most admired online and TV personalities. She is joined by Alex Miranda, Megan Telles, Jaymes Vaughan, Mayleen Ramey and Viviana Vigil. 

Catch your soon-to-be favorite show every night from Tuesday to Saturdays at 6PM on Colours, the Philippines'first and only local female lifestyle channel in high definition. Colours is seen on Cignal Channel 27 (HD) and 102 (HD) and is now available in over 200 local cable operators nationwide! :) 

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