Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You in HK Disneyland

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Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You

A sparkling tiara, a beautiful ball gown, flowers... lots of flowers, and a dashing prince charming. We're in the mood for a fairy tale.

Artista Academy Runner-up and one of TV5's homegrown talents, Shaira Mae dela Cruz admitted to be overwhelmed when she arrived for the presscon of her 4th Wattpad Presents episode, The Magic In You. Fresh from their Hong Kong Disneyland shoot, a rather vibrant location for a TV series, the same team transformed Annabelle's restaurant in Tomas Morato, QC into a fairy tale garden just for the presscon. 

"Na-overwhelm ako! Di ko alam na ganito ka grand. Ang effort talaga ng team. Napi-pressure ako in a way that this show has to rate. Sana madami manood kasi grabe ang effort," Shaira Mae said who has her dashing screen partner Mark Neumann standing by her side as both answer the questions from the media. 

Shaira was in a gorgeous pink ball gown the team found her just for the presscon. Mark, on the other hand, was perfectly good-looking in his black suit. The two looked overly happy for being trusted a project of this scale even if they were only runners-up in the Kapatid reality search Artista Academy. Real-life couples Sophie Alberts and Vin Abrenica were the winners. 

When asked why her and Mark and not Sophie and Vin in this huge project, Shaira remained with the right composure and said: "May Wattpad din naman sila. May mga malalaking shows din naman sila." Mark Neumann, on the other hand was more vocal. "Siguro may nakita sila (TV5 management) na something sa amin. I mean, they said, our previous Wattpad episode (Mr. popular Meets Miss Nobody) has the highest rating so baka that's the reason."

Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You
Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You

For The Magic In You, TV5 gathered a team to shoot for 7 days in Hong Kong Disneyland. TV5 Entertainment Head Wilma Galvante shared that this has been the first TV series or movie that was granted access to shoot in almost all locations of the theme park. Shaira and Mark talked about GoPro shots while they were riding one of the park's attractions to be included in the show. 

Magic In You is written by marielicious on Wattpad which has 161,000 reads as of the moment. (Read Magic in You here) Shaira Mae plays the title role of Princess Dimla while Mark is Sebastian Rivera. Princess hoped to be part of the Disney family. Her wish was granted when she was hired as a songwriter.  Her heart got crushed when she found out that she has been scammed. During her breakdown, Basti was able to film her dramatic scenes, posted it on YouTube, and made her an online sensation. They finally found each other in Disneyland. The question is, will it still be the happiest place on Earth when the angry Princess met the culprit Basti? 

It wasn't all work and play for the two onscreen partners. Shaira shared how she had fun shopping in Hong Kong and enjoying the rides on their free time. Shaira also shared how Chinese fans admired Mark, waiting after every scenes just to take pictures with him. "They were discreet naman. Tahimik lang sila but they waited for the takes to be completed before sila nagpa-picture," Mark shared. 

It seems like the show has a promising story and production value. Let's all watch Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You on TV5, starting April 13 at 9PM

Wattpad Presents: The Magic In You
Of course, I have to have a picture with the Prince Charming. LOL! :) 

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