Summer Fling with Two Limited Starbucks Frappuccinos

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I'm sure you know how a Spring Fling goes. Or maybe a Summer Fling to make the concept more relatable to us Filipinos. Starbucks will help us get one. 

Oh no, not the naughty "fling". Rather, a love affair with your taste buds and your stomach since your favorite coffee shop is introducing two limited edition summer frappuccinos: the Summer Berry Panna Cotta and the Dark Mocha Panna Cotta for a limited time. You can order them only from April 21 to June 8.  (Awww...)

In a simple but fun summer party with select bloggers held at the newly opened Starbucks store in Icon Plaza in Bonifacio Global City, I had the chance to have the first taste of these 2 awesome frappuccinos. I have to say that I liked the Summer Berry Panna Cotta better. But you have to try both drinks though. 

Starbucks Summer Starbucks Summer

The Dark Mocha is going to be PhP10 more expensive than the Summer Berry. The Venti for Dark Mocha, for example is priced at PhP200 while you can take the size for Summer Berry for PhP190. Dark Mocha costs PhP190 for Grande and PhP180 for Tall while you can order the Summer Berry for PhP180 for Grande and PhP170 for Tall. 

Starbucks also released their second mini-card, the Summer Card. If you remember, we wrote about the first mini-card last Christmas here (Christmas in Starbucks). If you consider yourself an avid Starbucks card collector, this is something that you should have! :) 

Starbucks Summer

Aside from the new beverages, I will also take you to a little virtual tour of the new food items that you can have while spending more idle time in Starbucks. 

Jalapeno Cheese Turnover
Starbucks Summer

Italian Chicken and Jam on Flat Bread
Starbucks Summer

Chicken Cheese Steak Wrap 
Starbucks Summer

Triple Chocolate Cake
Starbucks Summer

And the Triple Chocolate Cake in cupcake form!
Starbucks Summer

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